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Researching Interculture


8 July  2000

A gathering of active researchers in the field of 'intercultural studies' held at Lancaster University on July 8th 2000,  in order to identify and review some of the challenges facing academics from different backgrounds who were undertaking research in this rapidly developing interdisciplinary field. It was intended to complement the ground-breaking work carried out by the Cross-Cultural Capability Conferences at Leeds Metropolitan University and to discuss the issues created by combining different research methodologies in new ways in order to address new questions.  Researchers with acknowledged expertise in a given methodology were asked briefly to introduce the research issues posed by their particular approach and to suggest how these issues were being resolved. The presentations were intended to stimulate open-ended debate on the way forward. 

A number of pre-selected themes formed the basis of the presentations. These included: reflections on the relationship between the North American and European approaches (Alice Tomic), the psychoanalytical perspective (Sylvette Cormeraie), the techniques and approaches associated with conversational analysis (Juliane House), discourse analysis issues (Robert Crawshaw), ethnographic applications (Alison Phipps and Gavin Jacks), quantitative and qualitative methods (Lies Sercu), interculture and literature (Margaret Parry). Mike Byram was left with the unenviable job of trying to sum up a very wide-ranging and disparate day. 

Download a report of the day's proceedings as a Word file (approx. 687 K)