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Thinking Interculture


6 March  2002

This symposium was organised by a small working group composed of representatives from the Interculture Project, the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR), The International Association for Languages and Intercultural Communication (IALIC) and The Subject Centre for Modern Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies.  Its objectives were to explore the basis for closer collaboration between the public and private sectors in the field of intercultural education and training.  It was believed that that much good practice was taking place in private-sector training for intercultural awareness which was not widely disseminated amongst public-sector practitioners.  Barriers continued to exist despite the wide range of initiatives resulting from the HEFCE/fdtl programmes, the establishment of discipline based subject-centres, the exchange of information and research findings encouraged by the IALIC journal and website and the work of SIETAR whose central objective was for advances in education, training and research in intercultural development to be more widely shared.

The implicit goals of the event were threefold:

  • to enhance awareness of good practices in the public and private sectors and to establish the means for closer exchange of information through improved access;

  • to lay the grounds for the further establishment of programmes in intercultural development, either through closer integration at undergraduate level or through tailor-made postgraduate degrees;

  •  to make a contribution to the formulation of national policy in the field of intercultural education and training within Higher Education.



  1. ‘Mapping the self: film and the topographies of identity’ (Wendy Everett, University of Bath)

  2. Barbie as a vehicle for critical understanding’ (Gavin Jack, Keele University Management School)

  3.  ‘Contexts of intercultural training’ (Philip O’Connor, LTS Training and Consulting).


Download a report of the day's proceedings as a Word file (approx. .....  K)