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Volumes 1-37: K-O

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Reports on Productions

Kaplan, Joel Staging the York Creation and Hortulanus Toronto 1998     Find 19 129–143
King, Pamela M. Corpus Christi Plays and the ‘Bolton Hours’ I: Tastes in Lay Piety and Patronage in Fifteenth-Century York     Find 18 46–62
King, Pamela M. Corpus Christi, Valencia     Find 15 103–110
King, Pamela M. Elche again: The Venida and the Semana Santa     Find 12:1 4–20
King, Pamela M. La Festa d’Elx revisited, August 2003     Find 24 138–140
King, Pamela M. Minority Plays: Two Interludes for Edward VI     Find 15 87–102
King, Pamela M. Playing Pentecost in York and Chester: Transformations and Texts    Find 29 60–74
King, Pamela M. Poetics and Beyond: Noisy Bodies and Aural Variations in medieval English outdoor performance     Find 38 129–144
King, Pamela M. Records of Early English Drama: Reflections of a Hardened User     Find 17 52–57
King, Pamela M. The Renaissance of medieval theatre and the growth of university drama in England     Find 27 105–130
King, Pamela M. Texts in Plays: the case of Mankynde     Find 33 45–57
King, Pamela M. The York Plays and the Feast of Corpus Christi: A Reconsideration     Find 22 13–32
King, Pamela M. The York Plays in Performance: Civitas versus Templum.     Find 25 84–97
King, Pamela M. & Asuncion Salvador-Rabaza La Festa d’Elx: The Festival of the Assumption of the Virgin, Elche (Alicante)    Find 8:1 21–50
King, Pamela M. & Asuncion Salvador-Rabaza The Festa or Misteri of Elx: A Modern Translation of the Sung Text     Find 14 4–21
King, Pamela M. & Meg Twycross Beyond REED? The York Doomsday Project     Find 17 132–148
Kipling, Gordon The Design and Construction of Royal Entries in the Late Middle Ages     Find 32 26–61
Kipling, Gordon Fouquet, St Apollonia, and the Motives of the Miniaturist’s Art: A Reply to Graham Runnalls     Find 19 101–120
Kipling, Gordon The London Pageants for Margaret of Anjou: A Medieval Script Restored     Find 4:1 5–27
Kipling, Gordon Le Régisseur toujours sure les Planches: Gustave Cohen's construction of the medieval meneur de jeu     Find 28 29–130
Kipling, Gordon Richard Carew, The Ordinary, The Ordinalia, and the Ordinary Actor on the Medieval Cornish Stage     Find 35 23–94
Kipling, Gordon Theatre as Subject and Object in Fouquet’s ‘Martyrdom of St Apollonia’     Find 19 26–80
Klausner, David Playing the Crucifixion in Medieval Wales     Find 38 57–67
Klausner, David Staging the Unstageable: Performing the Crucifixion in Late Medieval and Early Modern England     Find 30 63–80
Knight, Alan E The Roman ‘Saint’s Plays’ of Lille     Find 19 15–25
Kramer, Femke How to Deal with Farces? Suggestions for an Alternative Research Programme     Find 21 66–78
Lalou, Elizabeth Les Tortures dans le mystères: théâtre et réalité XIVe–Xve siècle     Find 16 37–50
Lascombes, André De la fonction théâtrale des personnages du Mal (Le Jeu de La Ville de N. et Le Château de Persévérance)     Find 11 11–25
Lascombes, André Pour une rhétorique du spectaculaire: notes sur l’estension     Find 16 10–24
Lazard, Madeleine Deux Entrées Royales à Nantes en 1532: celle d’Eléonore d’Autriche, Reine de France et du Dauphin François II     Find 16 116–125
Leininger, Jeffrey The Dating of Bale’s King John: a re-examination     Find 24 116–137
Lester, Geoff Holy Week Processions in Seville     Find 8:2 103–118
Lester, Geoff Idle words: Stereotyping by Language in the English Mystery Plays     Find 11 129–139
Lester, Geoff, Manuel Gomez Lara, & Rafael Portillo Easter Processions in Puente Genil, Cordóba, Spain     Find 9:2 93–124
MacLean, Sally-Beth and Tanya Hagen How to Track a Bear in Southwark: a learning module     Find 37 90 – 104
MacLean, Sally-Beth In Search of Lord Strange: Dynamic Patronage in the North West     Find 29 42–59
Mänd, Anu Devils of Baltic Towns in the Context of Late-Medieval German Tradition     Find 23 17–33
Marshall, John A ‘Gladnes’ of Robin Hood’s Men: Henry VIII Entertains Queen Katherine         Find 40 94–115
Marshall, John ‘Fortune in Worldys Worschyppe’: The Satirising of the Suffolks in Wisdom     Find 14 37–66
Marshall, John Marginal Staging Marks in the Macro Manuscript of Wisdom     Find 7:2 77–82
Marshall, John Nailing the Six-Wheeled Waggon: A Sideview     Find 12:2 96–100
Marshall, John The Chester Pageant Carriage — How Right was Rogers?     Find 1:2 49–55
Marshall, John ‘Walking in the air’: the Chester Shepherds on stilts     Find 29 27–41
Marty, Paulette The Coventry Hock Tuesday Play: Its Origin and Relationship to Hocktide     Find 22 112–126
Mattingly, Joanna Lollards Stop Play? a curious case of non-performance in 1505     Find 22 100–111
May, Stephen Good Kings and Tyrants: A Re-Assessment of the Regal Figure on the Medieval Stage     Find 5:2 87–102
May, Stephen A Medieval Stage Property: The Spade     Find 4:2 77–93
McBain, James ‘By Example and Gode Reason’: Reconsidering Commonplaces and the Law in Fulgens and Lucres     Find 28 3–28
McBain, James George Gascoigne at Oxford     Find 39 126-140
McBain, James Recycling Authority: John Bale at Magdalen?     Find 36 24-47
McBain, James The Vice’s missing book in Heywood’s Play of Love     Find 33 3–18
McGavin, John J. Alliterative Place Name Lists in Early Drama     Find 30 45–62
McGavin, John J. Long Speeches in Lindsay and Bale     Find 12:1 88–95
McGavin, John J. ‘That Thin Skin’: Skipper Lindsay and the Language of Record     Find 24 15–31
McKinnell, John Drama and Ceremony in the Last Years of Durham Cathedral Priory     Find 10:2 91–111
McKinnell, John Producing the York Mary Plays     Find 12:2 101–123
McKinnell, John Staging the Digby Mary Magdalen     Find 6:2 126–152
Mamczarz, Irène The Representation of Cities in the Baroque Opera and the Development of ‘Italian-Style’ Scenography     Find 16 142–165
Meacham, Thomas Exchanging Performative Words: Epistolary Performance and University Drama in Late Medieval England     Find 32 12–25
Meredith, Peter Development of the York Mercers’ Pageant Waggon     Find 1:1 5–18
Meredith, Peter The Sealing of the Tomb: N. Town and its Context     Find 29 75–88
Meredith, Peter The York Millers’ Pageant and the Towneley Processus Talentorum     Find 4:2 104–114
Meredith, Peter The York Millers’ Pageant and the Towneley Processus Talentorum     Find 4:2 104–114
Meredith, Peter & John Marshall The Wheeled Dragon in the Luttrell Psalter     Find 2:2 70–73
Meredith, Peter & Lynette Muir The Corpus Christi Bull, 1264: Latin text with modern English translation     Find 24 62–78
Mills, David Abraham Sacrificing     Find 38 163–176
Mills, David Anglo-Dutch Theatres: Problems and Possibilities     Find 18 85–98
Mills, David A Tale of Two Cities: Chester and Coventry in the 1490     Find 32 3–11
Mills, David Characterisation in the English Mystery Cycles: A Critical Prologue     Find 5:1 5–17
Mills, David ‘I know my place’: some thoughts on status and station in the English mystery plays     Find 27 5–15
Mills, David ‘Look at me when I’m speaking to you’ the ‘Behold and See Convention in Medieval Drama     Find 7:1 4–12
Mills, David Music and Musicians in Chester: a Summary Account     Find 17 58–75
Mills, David Netta Syrett and The Old Miracle Plays of England     Find 10:2 117–128
Mills, David No Place Like Home: The Northampton ‘Abraham and Isaac’ Play, a Re-Appraisal     Find 31 58–71
Mills, David Reviving the Chester Plays     Find 13 39–51
Mills, David ‘Reviving the Chester Plays’: a Postscript     Find 15 124–125
Mills, David The 1951 and 1952 Revivals of the Chester Plays     Find 15 111–123
Mills, David The ‘Now’ of ‘Then’     Find 22 3–12
Mills, David The Stage Directions in the Manuscripts of the Chester Mystery Cycle     Find 3:1 45–51
Mills, David Who are our Customers? Targeting the Chester Audience     Find 20 106–119
Muir, Lynette Audiences in the French Medieval Theatre     Find 9:1 8–22
Muir, Lynette & Peter Meredith The Corpus Christi Bull, 1264: Latin text with modern English translation     Find 24 62–78
Muir, Lynette Women on the Medieval Stage: The Evidence from France     Find 7:2 107–119
Mullini, Roberta Action and discourse in the Harrowing of Hell: The Defeat of Evil     Find 11 116–128
Needles, J.Reed, & Steven Putzel Toronto, the Pageant Waggon     Find 1:1 32–33
Nelson, Alan Easter Week Pageants in Valladolid and Medina del Campo     Find 1:2 62–70
Niebrzydowski, Sue Encouraging Marriage in facie ecclesiae: The Mary Play ‘Betrothal’ and the Sarum Ordo ad faciendum Sponsalia     Find 24 44–61
Niebrzydowski, Sue ‘Ye know eek that in forme of speche is change’: Chaucer, Henryson, and the Welsh Troelus a Chresyd     Find 38 38–56
Nixon, Bobby D. The Portrayal of ‘Susanna and the Elders’ in Medieval Spanish Texts     Find 34 77–95
Oosterwijk, Sophie ‘Long lullynge haue I lorn!’: the Massacre of the Innocents in word and image.    Find 25 3–53

Reports on Productions

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