• Academic Experience

    Before joining STOR-i I completed an undergraduate degree in Mathematics at Lancaster University. I completed a wide range of modules from abstract algebra to probability theory.

    I then completed the MRes year, preparing me for a PhD in Statistics and Operations Research.

  • Previous Work Experience

    My other work experience includes spending seven years at McDonald's as a shift manager, and also undertaking some consultancy work for Ginger Bakers; a bakery in Kendal, Cumbria. If you are after some delicious cakes then please check them out.

    In the summer of my second year I also completed an internship at STOR-i. This involved a research project investigating route models for hazardous materials transportation. For more details about my work please click here.

More About Me

  • My Family

    I currently live with my fiancee Lily. She currently works for Openreach as a new products manager.

  • Hobbies and Interests

    In my free time I enjoy running and playing guitar. I also enjoy reading about history and solving mathematical puzzles.

    I have also become more and more invested in learning to be a better cook. Whilst I am by no means going to be appearing on Masterchef any time soon, I am at least capable of now doing more than cooking some fishfingers from out the freezer!

  • Travelling

    In our free time Lily and I also enjoy travelling to new places and trying new foods. My favourite place to have visited so far is Stockholm, Sweden.