Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Lancaster University is on a strong trajectory towards achieving our strategic vision and goals. However, we have more to do.

Our strategy for 2020

Our strategy is to become a university that is globally significant – a leader in higher education that provides the highest quality research and teaching, and engages locally and internationally on the issues and debates of the day and future.

Driven by research, and stimulating learning, the globally significant university informs and changes practice and thinking worldwide.

Specifically, our strategy is to:

  • raise the profile and recognition of the University nationally and internationally
  • continue to grow the University’s subject mix and portfolio
  • build on our existing subject strengths, seeking to place each of our departments in the top 100 in the world and/or the top 15 in the UK
  • explore new forms of strategic partnership, unconstrained by historical relationships and forms of collaboration
  • build on our growing transnational activities and partnerships to develop a substantial international presence at a scale that provides the resources and activities to be considered globally significant

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