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The college has a number of facilities to keep you occupied and make you feel at home.

The Bar

Grizedale Bar is renowned for its cocktails and mocktails, its pizzas and its wraps.  Open from 12 – 11 Monday to Friday it is a friendly communal space where you can meet friends and relax.

The Brew Room

The brew room is mainly for students who live off campus who need somewhere to make themselves something to drink or a sandwich or warm up some pre-prepared food in the microwave.  Please note that you must clean up after yourself.  There is no maid service.

Common Room

Above the bar/offices is the College Common Room,

The common room, as its name implies, is open to all Grizedale students and staff. There is a computer and the whole area is covered by WiFi so you can bring your own laptop. There is a TV and a DVD player so feel free to take your own DVD’s or use the ones left on the shelves by ex students. The room seats about 30 and is sometimes used by staff for social events.


There are 2 dart boards in the bar.  1 on the middle level and 1 on the lower level. The bar does not have to be open for business for you to use the boards.


Board games – these change and are varied.  They can be used in the Common Room and are kept on the book shelves in the corner.  Pleas tidy away so that pieces don’t get lost.

Wii and Xbox  – These are on the top level of the bar in the boxes under the TV.  Take your library card to the College Porter and exchange for the games etc.


There is a keyboard in the meeting room (next door to the lodge).  You are welcome to use it whenever the meeting room is not in use for meetings.  If you area a beginner (or play like Les Dawson) please feel free to bring your own headphones so that we don’t have to listen to you.


The admin block also houses a launderette, situated just to the right of the Bar at the end of Pendle Avenue. There are 5 washers and dryers and it is open 24 hours a day. This facility is not run by the college, so if you have a problem with a machine please contact the number displayed in the laundrette. Instructions for the purchase of a pre-paid laundrette card and instructions for how to use the machines can be found on the wall of the laundrette.


There are lockers available for use by students living off campus, and these are situated in the off campus brew area and the foyer.  All lockers must be emptied before July 31st. Items left in a locker will be disposed of after that date. Any keys not returned to Will by 31st July will incur a cost for a replacement lock. For more information about the lockers see Will in the College Office.


There is a piano in the Common Room. (Key available from the College Porter.)  This is available for ‘respectful’ use for those wishing to practise during the first two terms of the year. In the third term (Summer Term), when exams are in progress, the Common Room will be used for quiet study only. The piano must be locked after use and the key returned to the porter.

Pool Tables

There are 2 new pool tables in the Grizedale Bar.  50p per game.  The profits from the tables help to subsidise College sports and events.

Table Tennis

There is a table tennis table in the College Foyer available for use by Grizedale students. Bats are available from the porter, in exchange for your library card.


On the rare occasions when the English weather turns warm, why not make use of one of the barbecues in the gardens between the residences, close to the bar. Please make sure you extinguish the barbecue properly before leaving it.

Please note that the BBQ’s cannot be used during Exam Period i.e. Summer term.

Reading Room

Next door to the Common Room is the College Reading Room. This is for quiet study all year round, and houses some study books left by previous students. Please feel free to take what books you need. It is advisable to check what is in there before you spend money on new books. Save your money, check before you buy. There are also some fiction books which you are also welcome to take or swap throughout the year. On the top right hand side, there are reference books which you are welcome to borrow, but please return them when you are finished with them. There are study guides and books on how to write a good essay etc. If you have any queries please see Will in the College Office.