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Wecome to Lonsdale College - the best College on campus! By following the links at the top of the page you can find out lots of info about the College, hear from our College Principal, put faces to names and see who the old (and young) guys running the place are.  You can find out about the history of Lonsdale College and about forthcoming events. Check out the Junior Common Room (JCR) - see what's going on and how you can get involved. Senior members should look at the SCR page to check out our social events. We are in the process of producing a photo album (edited!) with lots of college pictures. There is even an Alumni page for all you Lonsdale students out there to keep in touch.
What is a College?

Here at Lancaster, your College is primarily here to help you settle into University life, and to ensure your transition to University is manageable and less daunting.

Your College will be your home, study and social centre for your time here at Lancaster; it is a means of support. Each College has a College Administrator and an Advisor team along with a JCR (Junior Common Room Exec) and Fresher Reps who help our students with any questions or queries they may have or any welfare issues that may arise eg homesickness, problems with courses, to troublesome neighbours, financial difficulties and anything else. Each College has a Residence Officer who is available to help with any issues relating to your accommodation, whether this is an actual fault or problem with your flatmates. There are also porters on duty 24/7 in term time and it is them you go to in order to collect mail/ parcels or report problems outside of office hours.

Your JCR and College will organise various social events throughout the year and these are great places to meet new friends and join in the College spirit.

We want you to have the best experience possible, so please come and join us and don't sit alone - the college is a fantastic social space and supportive environment.


Lonsdale Welcome Week 2015
Lonsdale Freshers arrival day is Saturday 26 September from 10:00. A big welcome to all of you lucky enough to be in 'simply the best' college. For further information go to our Welcome Week webpage

For information on the College and rules, please browse our College Handbook

Parties may be held in kitchens, but permission from the College Dean via the College Administrator must be be obtained at least 2 working days prior to the event by completing a party request form and emailing this to Julie Shorrock who will inform you via email of the Dean's decision.

Lonsdale College, Alexandra Park, Lancaster University, Lancaster, LA2 0LJ, United Kingdon. Tel: 44 (0) 1524 592296. Mobile 07580 342 605. lonsdale@lancs.ac.uk