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 Hello and welcome to the brand-spanking new Pendle College website!
Prospective Students

You’re looking at future universities, or you’ve already got into Lancaster University and are eyeing up the various colleges. How do you choose the one that’s right for you? Pendle is Lancaster University’s college of choice for anyone with a musical bone in their body, and we have a variety of very strong sports teams. If this sounds like your kind of thing, read on:

Why not see what accommodation we offer?
See what the college has been up to lately (mostly just us winning things #sorrynotsorry)?
Or maybe just read up on the Pendle story and what our college is about?

You’re probably going to choose the best college, go nuts!

Current Students

You’ve managed to get into Pendle, Lancaster University’s most exclusive party college and the college of choice for those with any musical or bar sportsmanlike inclinations. Now what?

Why not join a sports team?
Get involved with the JCR?
Score a gig with the best acoustics on campus?

You’ve already chosen the best college, go nuts!


You’ve already been through Pendle. You’ve served your time, you’ve done it for the witch. Most importantly, you know that being a Pendlite isn’t something that you can just switch off after university. What do we have for you?

If you’re just on the precipice of becoming an alumnus, find out the details of Graduation here

Or perhaps you want to flaunt your Pendle pride with some sweet merch?

Or maybe you’d just like to get in touch with Jill and catch up about the old times.

Whatever it is, we’re happy to hear from you again. Pop into the bar sometime.

—Your Senior Common Room