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Lancaster University Confucius Institute Celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival

On the evening of September 19th 2013, the Confucius Institute at Lancaster University invited university students, staff and people from the local communities to the Institute to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, the Chinese traditional festival.

Everyone participated in some interactive activities, such as: guessing riddles, pass the panda and eating delicious Chinese food.

Through this celebration, the Confucius Institute at Lancaster University strengthened its ties with local communities (including Hua Xian Chinese Association and the Lancaster and Morecambe Bay Chinese Community Association, the Society of International Friends, different departments from Lancaster University, China Graduate Scholars Association and Confucius Institute staff as well as volunteers, students etc.). Links were made between promoting traditional Chinese culture and the mission of the Confucius Institute, with the added benefit that several participants have decided to enroll in Chinese-language courses.

the Mid-Autumn Festival the Mid-Autumn Festival Mid-Autumn Festival