photos of Lancaster and China


Lancaster University Confucius Institute held “Chinese Afternoon” at Moorside Primary School

19 November 2013

“We’re very happy this afternoon. Thank you for teaching us. Xiexie! Zaijian!” The teachers from the Confucius Institute were overjoyed to hear pupils speaking the Chinese they had just learnt.

On 19 November 2013, Lancaster University Confucius Institute organised a “Chinese Afternoon” at Moorside Primary School, close to the university. The six Chinese teachers gave an interesting experience of Chinese language and culture to about 60 Year-5 pupils there.

In the eyes of the children who had never learned Chinese and knew little about Chinese culture, everything was new and interesting in class. Confucius Institute teachers taught them to say greetings to each other, to say numbers and to name parts of their body and to sing the ‘Heads and Toes’ song in Chinese to familiar music. Singing contests were held between groups. The contests were full of fun and excitement. In the calligraphy session, everyone was keen to write Chinese characters. After observing the teachers’ demonstration, they practiced writing the Chinese numbers from one to five. All of them were quick learners and eager to show their handwriting to the whole class. The indoors activity ended with paper-cutting. Under the teachers’ instruction, the children cut colour paper into lively butterflies, swallows, Christmas trees and snowflakes. An outdoor activity kicking shuttlecocks rounded off the “Chinese Afternoon”. Keeping shuttlecocks up in the air by kicking them on the inner part of your heel is a traditional Chinese outdoor game. The shuttlecocks were flying and pupils laughing in the playground. After the sport, some students asked: “Where can we get the shuttlecock?”

The “Chinese Afternoon” at Moorside Primary School proved a great success. Ms Nadia Sargent, Languages Coordinator at Moorside Primary School, was in the classroom, joining in the Chinese learning and cultural experience with her pupils. She told Prof. Zhang, Director of Lancaster University Confucius Institute, that she had never imagined that the “Chinese Afternoon” could be so brilliant. She hoped that they could more chances to have such wonderful Chinese learning and cultural experience activities in the future. (Written by Xueqin Yao)

Moorside Primary School children doing Chinese calligraphy
Moorside Primary School children making butterflies

The girls are trying hard to win the Chinese calligraphy contest.


Look at our butterflies!

Moorside Primary School children kicking shuttlecocks  
Moorside Primary School children kicking shuttlecocks

Lanshi, we are all ready  to kick shuttlecocks!


I can kick the shuttlecock!