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Confucius Institute Team Meeting for the New Term

Confucius Institute team meeting was successfully held on the afternoon of 21st August 2013, at the Roundhouse, Lancaster University.

Confucius Institute team meeting

This was the first meeting co-organized by the new directors, Dr. Richard Xiao (from Lancaster University) and Prof. Fengchun Zhang (from our partner, South China University of Technology). The classes and cultural events that had just finished during the summer were reported and the teaching arrangements were announced. The plan for the preparatory work of the University Visit Days (28th August and 21st September 2013) was discussed. Constructive suggestions as to the teaching, cultural events, advertising (including the CI webpage) were made by all at the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Richard Xiao. Eight staff members, including Prof. Fengchun Zhang, Dr. Richard Xiao, Ms Colette Webb, Ms. Yao Cheng, Ms. Yang Liu, Ms. Qimei Li, Ms. Jian Guo and Ms Yueyuan Li attended this meeting.

The CI team
The Confucius Institute team