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Lancaster University Confucius Institute holds the 2nd Annual Lecture

21 November 2013

On 21 November 2013, Lancaster University Confucius Institute’s 2nd Annual Lecture was held at Lecture Theatre 1, Lancaster University Management School.  Professor Andrew Atherton, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Lancaster University, gave an excellent lecture on the the private entrepreneurs’ role in China’s reform and growth of economy. Mr. Zhou Haicheng, Deputy Consul General and Dr. Zhao Jixian, Consul of Consulate-General of China’s embassy in Manchester, attended this lecture. The lecture also attracted about a hundred people from Lancaster University and Lancashire.

Professor Andrew Atherton’s lecture was centred on the theme “China's Entrepreneurial Revolution: The Emergence of the Private Entrepreneur as the Driver of the Chinese Economy”. He reviewed the development of China’s private enterprises in the past 4 decades, interpreting the emergence, growth and current status of China’s private enterprises from a novel and unique perspective. By contributing his findings from his diachronic study in East China, North China and West China, he described the private entrepreneurs’ role in China’s economy. He concluded that China’s entrepreneurial revolution is under way, and it is shaping China’s current and future economic and social landscape. China is permeated with entrepreneurs, in the public and collective sectors as well as in private enterprise, who have been the “foot soldiers” of reform and growth through adaptive learning and experimentation. After finishing the speech, he discussed in greater detail with the audience such topics as China’s enterprise revolution, comparison between China’s economy and Japan’s economy, China’s policy about private enterprises, etc.

This is the second “Annual Guest Lecture” hosted by Lancaster University Confucius Institute.  The size of audience has significantly increased this year. It provides local people and overseas Chinese with a very good opportunity to know the current situation of Chinese enterprises and economy, and also showcases the importance of the Confucius Institute in the promotion of Chinese culture. Mr Kevin Ellard and Mr Mark Cullinan also said that Lancashire County Council and Lancaster City Council will enhance cooperation with Lancaster University Confucius Institute in the future.

Confucius Institute will offer a greater number of activities of such a high level in Lancaster City and Lancashire next year in order to strengthen exchanges between China and UK in the cultural and academic realms. (Written by Xueqin Yao)

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