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The Confucius Institute at Lancaster University Won the Bronze Prize of Chinese Speech Contest, UK

17 November, 2013

Chinese Speech Contest winner Edward de Petrucci

Prize-winner with his tutor and classmate

On 17 November, 2013, Edward de Petrucci, a contestant from the Confucius Institute at Lancaster University, won the Bronze Prize at the finals of the “Jiangsu Cup Chinese Speech Contest” held at the University of Sheffield. It was the first “Jiangsu Cup Chinese Contest” held in the United Kingdom. After half a day of fierce competition, Edward succeeded in the Adult-Intermediate Category and obtained a scholarship for a semester of free tuition and $5,000 living expenses at Nanjing University in 2014.

Edward de Petrucci is a non-credit Chinese learner of our Institute and a 3rd-year undergraduate at Lancaster University Management School. He bears a long-time love for Chinese learning and an ambition to work in China after graduation. The contest had fuelled his passion for the language and his ambition to go to China. Mobilized by the Institute, he registered for the contest in mid-October. It was merely half a month since he had joined non-credit  Chinese at Lancaster University Confucius Institute with the intention to brush up on his previous learning of Chinese. So the road to success in the contest must have been bumpy for him. Thanks to (CI teacher) Cheng Yao’s patient and intensive counselling, he qualified for the finals at the end of October and was confidently prepared.

There were dozens of contestants who entered for the finals. They were from 12 Confucius Institutes and two Confucius Classrooms and were divided into three categories: Adult Advanced Group, Adult Intermediate Group and Young Learner Group. Edward competed with 9 other Adult Intermediate Group members. The contest comprised a 3 minute speech and a spontaneous question-and-answer oral quiz about Jiangsu Province. The competition featured contestants’ eloquent descriptions of their experience of Chinese learning, their understanding of Chinese culture and China's economic and social development, or their travel to China. Confronted with strong competitors, Edward remained calm and confident. His speech about his impressions of Jiangsu Province and his spontaneous answers drew warm applause and eventually the Bronze Prize of the Adult Intermediate category.

Since its establishment in December 2011, this is the first time that at Lancaster University Confucius Institute has entered a national Chinese cultural contest in the UK. Edward’s success in the contest has showcased its strength and Chinese teaching achievement and also inspired the other Chinese learners at the Institute.