photos of Lancaster and China


Confucius Institute at Lancaster University Actively Participates in Lancaster University’s Open Days

On August 28th and September 21th 2013 Lancaster University held two Open Days. Over these two days approximately 16,000 upper school students and their parents came from across the UK to visit Lancaster University. The Open Days aimed to introduce to the students who are in the process of applying for admission to university the curricula, programmes, departments and faculties that Lancaster University has to offer. The Confucius Institute at Lancaster University actively participated in this activity, promoting courses ranging from Chinese courses at degree level to part-time extracurricular Chinese language and culture classes.

The Confucius Institute organised a series of exciting events to showcase Chinese culture. These included: playing classical music, a tea show, paper cutting, live calligraphy display, demonstrating Tai Chi, a Chinese lion dance performance and a book exhibition. All the events provided an opportunity for the visitors to have direct experience of Chinese culture.

说明: P:\Confucius\CI\News Reports\2013年开放日新闻和照片\孔院教师在与学生和家长交流.JPG 说明: P:\Confucius\CI\News Reports\2013年开放日新闻和照片\现场演奏中国古典音乐.JPG

Answering enquiries from a potential student

Playing Chinese classical music

说明: P:\Confucius\CI\News Reports\2013年开放日新闻和照片\逗趣的中国舞狮表演.JPG 说明: P:\Confucius\CI\News Reports\2013年开放日新闻和照片\前来上中文课的初中生也凑个热闹等着起个中文名字.JPG

Funny Chinese lion dance

Live calligraphy display