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Routes into Languages taster day at Lancaster University

9th January, 2014

Over 100 year 8 schoolchildren experienced Catalan, Chinese, calligraphy and painting and Latin at 'Routes into Languages’ language enrichment day at Lancaster University. DELC and the Confucius Institute delivered the sessions.

Routes into Languages is a consortium of universities working together with schools and colleges, to enthuse and encourage people to study languages. Language Enrichment Events are only open to schools where languages are not compulsory and are interactive, exciting events that encourage pupils to continue with their language studies at school and to think about the advantages of learning a new language. Research has shown a 24% increase in pupils taking language GCSEs after they attended the events.

See how they got on with Chinese and hear from two teachers whose schools took part.

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9 January 2014, 2 minutes 11 seconds