Declan Lloyd

PhD student

Research Overview

thesis provisionally entitled 'the implicit art: tracing the underlying presence of art and art movements in late modern texts'. my research centers around discerning how art can be present within literature without being explicit (i.e. with actual images and specific references to art/artists), for example through language, experimentation with visual formats and the blurring of text and image, overarching style and thematics (etc.). These permeations, the suffusion of art movements within literary texts, often expose how the authors use the preexisting philosophies of art to bolster their own ideas, and in frequent cases as a critical lens up to society. I am interested in works by J. G. Ballard who frequently expressed his indebtedness to the surrealists, Douglas Coupland in a similar vein with the Pop artists, and William Burroughs whose aesthetic collaborations with the artist Brion Gysin had a staggering influence on his entire literary output (most notably by way of the infamous cut-up method). Theoretically my research primarily centers around the mediatic-psychoanalytic work of Marshall McLuhan, who was also greatly influenced by art and especially the forays of the controversial Vorticism and BLAST founder, Wyndham Lewis.