Dr Sara Wasson

Lecturer in Gothic Studies

Research Overview

I have two research concentrations: the Second World War Gothic of the British home front, and twenty-first century Gothic and science fiction. Both strands of my research are concerned with ethical witness in response to individual and collective suffering. My current research projects include a monograph entitled Transplantation Gothic, exploring Gothic and horror fantasies of tissue transfer, and I am Primary Investigator on the AHRC network Translating Chronic Pain, researching literary representations of chronic pain. My work continues to build on my first monograph, Urban Gothic of the Second World War, examining combatants and refugees as spectral figures, liminal and vulnerable.

Frankenstein and the Politics of Vulnerability
Wasson, S. 06/2018 In: Science Fiction Film and Television. 11, 2, 3 p.
Journal article

Gothic Science Fiction and China Miéville’s Perdido Street Station
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Before Narrative: Episodic Reading and Representations of Chronic Pain
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Gothic and the Built Environment: the Architectural Uncanny and the Urban Sublime
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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Creative Manifesto: Translating Chronic Pain
Wasson, S. 15/11/2017
Web publication/site

Translating Chronic Pain: online anthology and project website
Wasson, S. 1/11/2017
Web publication/site

Scalpel and metaphor: the ceremony of organ harvest in gothic science fiction
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Recalcitrant tissue: organ transfer and the struggle for narrative control
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The “Coven of the Articulate”: orality and community in Anne Rice’s vampire fiction
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Book Review: Futures from Nature
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Book/Film/Article review

Object-relations psychoanalysis
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Love in the time of cloning: science fictions of transgressive kinship
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36 biographical and critical entries
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