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Lancaster University Three Day workshop on
Research Ethics as Practice in UK
September 15th – 17th 2008 (incl)

This three day event is aimed at researchers who wish to increase their understanding of what constitutes good ethical research in UK settings. Key speakers will set the scene for critical discussion around a range of ethical issues that exercise both new and experienced researchers. The event is designed to maximise participant input through a mix of seminars and group discussions. Informal discussions facilitated outside of the formal sessions will encourage the development of a broad forum for exchange of ideas.

Key themes for this event are likely to address:

- Shaping Ethics for Social Researchers – unpacking the drivers towards ethical review
- Shaping Good Ethical Research – who are (or should be) its ‘moral guardians’?
- A Different Kind of Ethics? Ethical responsibilities.
- Concealment and Consent
- Normative Approaches to Ethics

The event will be convened by Dr Christine Milligan from Lancaster University but will be supported by all members of the research training team with additional input from external experts in the field as well as experienced staff from across Lancaster University.

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