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Event 6: Three Day Course on Research Ethics and the Media

The traditional mass media, and the increasing use of electronic and information technology, all raise issues for the ethical conduct of research. At the same time there is pressure on researchers to ensure that their findings have an impact beyond their own academic or professional community. This event will explore the ethical issues around using the media as a research tool and engaging with the media to disseminate research. The first day will be led by an experienced journalist and expert in media ethics. On Day 2 three researchers will focus on research ethics through examples of research using art, newspapers, the internet and e-mail. The final day takes a practical look at the opportunities and perils of disseminating research. A subsequent ‘advanced’ workshop, later in the programme will be for those with greater experience and working knowledge of the field.

Convenor: Dr Mairi Levitt, Department of Philosophy, University of Lancaster

Day 1

The first day is led by Professor Chris Frost : Head of Journalism at Liverpool John Moores University

Session 1: Media ethics and human rights

Session 2: Media ethics the professional issues and the difficulties of researching them

Session 3: Researching ethics – the regulatory bodies, working with complaint data and the ethics of media research methods


Day 2

Session 4: Ethical and legal issues raised by the media's coverage of images of naked children and child pornography - Dr. Suzanne Ost, Lancaster University.

Session 5: Methodological and ethical problems : Using the internet for research - Dr Anne Grinyer, Lancaster University

Watching television and the moral life - Dr Tim Dant, Lancaster University


Day 3

Session 6: Disseminating research findings through the media - Micheal Green, University of Central Lancashire

Engaging with the media and influencing policy - Catherine Joynson, Nuffield Council on Bioethics


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