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ESRC Research Training Programme: Ethics and Ethical Practice in Social Science Research

Training will primarily address research conducted within Higher Education. However, it is not restricted to this sector, it will also be of interest to those undertaking human-centred research in all organisations engaged in research for which ethical approval is required including the NHS, the statutory and voluntary sectors.

Training is offered around two distinct areas:

  1. Research ethics as process: this is needed if Universities and other Higher Education institutions are to comply with the new, more formal, requirements for ethical approval of all research projects now adopted by the ESRC and likely to be further adopted by all UK funding councils and bodies.
  2. Research ethics as practice: here, information and an appreciation of the range of both anticipated and unanticipated ethical issues that arise within research will be provided.

Programme Structure

Training is organised around a series of twelve 3-day events, focused around six core themes. Each theme will be repeated once over a 36-month period, however, the second workshop offers more advanced level training to enable participants to increase their depth of knowledge and understanding around a core theme of interest.

Each event forms a coherent self-contained package that can be taken individually, or as a series of interrelated workshops and activities aimed at increasing the researcher’s knowledge and understanding of what constitutes good ethical practice in the undertaking of human-centred research.

Participants thus have the option of attending a single event, a two-event package that offers induction and advanced level training around a specific theme, or a combination of events that best meets the participants’ own training needs around ethics and research.

Those taking a residential option will be able to engage in more informal discussions that will continue in the evenings and aimed at encouraging the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

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