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Andrew Divers

Research Student

County South
Lancaster University
United Kingdom

Research Interests

My primary research interests include:

The inalienable nature of autonomy, what kind of agency this may require, and the distinction between developed and undeveloped agency.

Bioethics, philosophy of law, applied ethics and neuroethics.

The moral, social and legal status of the child; children and consent; Gillick competence and ethical issues surrounding children's inclusion on the NDNAD and the use of their data for research.

Agency, and the apparent disparity of the ages of criminal culpability and medical majority.

Current genetic research into complex interactions between genetics, environment and criminality and its ethical implications, as well as the predictive uses of behavioural genetics and the notion of pre-crime.

Setting behavioural genetics into political and historical contexts with comparisons of behavioural genetics to other predictive sciences such as phrenology and Lombrosan atavisms.

Theories regarding surveillance and Panopticism, and the need to single out deviant behaviour and the societal need for control of dangerous individuals. 

Technology as an apotropaic against the deviant or abnormal, and the use of mental illness as a form of social control.

The intersection between theoretical and empirical work within philosophy, and to this end I have conducted empirical research in the course of my PhD with young people.

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