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Philosophy Undergraduate Student Profiles

Victoria White


V WhiteAfter one open day visit, I knew Lancaster University was the place for me. It being a campus based university creates an automatically friendly feel. Societies are really encouraged and supported by the Student’s Union, and being part of a college too means you get to know a lot of people very easily and there’s always something to do. I applied to Lancaster as an Ethics, Philosophy & Religion  major, but being able to do three minors in my first year meant I was introduced to the world of philosophy and I never looked back. The first year course touched on some of the key areas of the subject meaning I could really find what I was interested in. The varied choice of modules to pick from in your second and third year means you can really make the degree your own. With the department now being PPR, this also means it’s really easy to choose modules from philosophy religion or politics. The lecturers are dedicated to their areas and research and this really stands out. I have got so much out of this course and am just starting to write my dissertation having been inspired by some of the group discussion and work of one lecturer. The department staff are also very friendly and always willing to give you the extra help when you need it. I feel like philosophy has taught me the skills needed for any career because I have learnt to be logical, fair and to reason properly. I will be very sad to leave!

Stephanos Chaillou

3rd Philosophy and Politics

SChaillou‘Some people underestimate the opportunities and prospects a degree in Philosophy or Politics might give you. Throughout my studies I think that instead, the knowledge you gain from such a degree is unparalleled and it certainly gives you a multi-dimensional conception of how the world works. If I had the choice of choosing what to study all over again, I would make the same choice in a heartbeat.

Remi Bridgeman-Williams

2nd year Philosophy, Politics and Economics

rbwNot that many universities offer my course, so Lancaster was on a short list of places I wanted to apply to. When I came to visit I knew Lancaster was where I wanted to go, the city's really pretty, and the campus setup works well - there's no trekking to buildings scattered all over the place. Having a college where you live in first year is good too, you first meet people through your college in freshers week and they all live in the vicinity so I quickly found people I get on with. If you publicly embarrass yourself you will run into witnesses though, so avoid that. The PPR department's great, the staff are really on it, and you definitely feel like what you're learning is important. The lecturers are clearly interested in their subject, so it's easy for students to be as well. I realised early on how crucial that is, you won't enjoy your degree if you don't get satisfaction out of learning about your subject. I find philosophy particularly easy to engage with, you consider questions that are timelessly significant. It has worth beyond the job market, which is great if you intend to put off thinking about joining the rat race for as long as possible, as I do.

Rebecca Swindell:
Learning to think differently

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