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WORKSHOP: New interaction orders, new mobile publics?


13-14 April 2012

Guest speakers: Christian Licoppe and Keith N Hampton

Visit workshop website at for further information.

View instruction video to join NIO Workshop Comob from 7 April 2012.


New Social Media and Crisis Workshop 27 April 2011, ZiF (Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies), Bielefeld, Germany

Public life is increasingly subject to securitization and concerns about crises. This workshop explores the use of new media technologies in public in crisis: Crisis situations engender intensive information flows not only for official and non-governmental emergency response agencies and the media, but also amongst members of the public. People affected by earthquakes, fires, floods, violence or slow motion disasters such as climate change or soil erosion, their colleagues, friends and relatives, and those who may have helpful knowledge increasingly use social media (Facebook, Twitter) to communicate and make sense of events. This one day workshop focuses on one particular phenomenon of social media use in crises: 'collective intelligence'. More ...


The New Interaction Order – Datasession at the Experimental City Workshop 14th May 2010.

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