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Southern, J. (2011) Comobility: An experiment in mobilities research and locative art practice. Presented at Mobilities in Motion: New Approaches to Emergent and Future Mobilities 21-23 March 2011, mcentre Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA.

Boyko, C., Buscher, M., Dant, T. and Moore, K. (2010) New IO? Interaction in the networked city (pdf) . Presentation at Futureeverything, Manchester, 14th April 2010.


Lan, K., Voilmy, D., Büscher, M., Hemment, D. (2011 forthcoming) The sociality of stillness. In Haddington, P., Mondada, L., Nevile, M. (2011) Being mobile: Movement as social action. De Gruyter. Draft available here.

Related publications

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