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Futures Handbook: Arts and Social Science Collaboration Published

Orkney Futures: a Handbook

Date: 23 September 2009

A new collection of imagined futures for the islands of Orkney, Scotland, has just been published.

'Orkney Futures: A Handbook' is a collaboration between writer and researcher Dr Laura Watts from Department of Sociology, Lancaster University, and poet and publisher Alistair Peebles of Brae Editions, Orkney.

The handbook contains 49 imagined futures for Orkney, written by contributors worldwide: from the poet Seamus Heaney to Big Brother celebrity Cameron Stout, from international artists to local island councillors.

The collaboration has grown out of Dr Watts' long term research in Orkney as part of the Sociology research project 'Relocating Innovation' which explores ways in which landscape and place affect the way the future is imagined and made.

The handbook was inspired by the editors' shared interest in the relationship between the Orkney landscape and its possible futures.

"It's very special to me, the opportunity to bring so many Orkney futures together," said Dr Watts. "The handbook is a potent collection of futures for a place already deeply committed to making new futures happen."

Publication has been supported by HI~Arts, Highlands & Islands Enterprise, and the Scottish Arts Council.

'Orkney Futures: A Handbook' is co-edited by Alistair Peebles and Laura Watts. Published by Brae Editions, Orkney, in a limited edition of 1000. Price £7.50. Copies can be purchased online at The Orcadian Bookshop.

About Relocating Innovation

'Relocating Innovation' is a 3 year research project at the Department of Sociology, Lancaster University, funded by The Leverhulme Trust. This international project questions our assumptions about 'innovation' through studies based in Orkney, Silicon Valley, and Budapest. Further information is available on the project website at

About Brae Editions

Brae Editions is an imprint that has developed from the Porteous Brae Studio gallery in Stromness, Orkney. Brae Editions is currently located in Buckquoy, Harray, Orkney. Further information concerning both imprint and gallery can be found at

News website:

This item was reported in: The Orcadian, Orkney Today, Northwards Now, Hi-Arts News on 01/10/2009


Further information

Associated staff: Laura Watts

Associated projects: Relocating Innovation: Places and material practices of future-making

Associated departments and research centres: Centre for Mobilities Research (CeMoRe), Centre for Science Studies, Mobilities.Lab, Sociology


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