Andrew Harding

Research Associate


Andrew Harding is a Research Associate at Lancaster University working on the NIHR-ESRC 'Neighbourhoods and Dementia' project. His primary role is on work programme 3, which is developing a core outcome set (COS) for non-pharmacological community interventions for people living with dementia. Prior to his role at Lancaster University, Andrew worked in the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences at Bournemouth University.

Andrew's research experience has mostly involved methodological development, qualitative and mixed methods research with older people. His work been published and cited across health, social policy, medical journals and policy reports/working papers.

Most recently Andrew has been involved in research that has developed an innovative core outcome set methodology in the field of dementia. This has included substantive consultation with people living with dementia in order to develop an accessible Delphi survey.

Prior to his role at Lancaster University, Andrew's research experiences have been in the area of empowering older people as active agents when accessing and engaging with welfare provision. Andrew's PhD used a realist evaluation approach to assess the impact and individual outcomes of an information & advice service relating to specialist housing options for older people.

Developing a core outcome set for people living with dementia at home in their neighbourhoods and communities: study protocol for use in the evaluation of non-pharmacological community based health and social care interventions
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Journal article

A critical interpretive synthesis (CIS) review of the current evidence base for dementia training in hospitals
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Other contribution

Efficacy of telephone information and advice on welfare: the need for realist evaluation
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Journal article

Third sector telephone housing options service for older people: a realist evaluation
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Doctoral Thesis

Variation in dementia training provided to hospital staff in England
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Developing a programme theory for dementia training in hospitals: Why we need a critical interpretive synthesis review of current evidence-base?
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Journal article

An exploration of the perceptions of caring held by students entering nursing programmes in the United Kingdom: a longitudinal qualitative study phase 1
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Journal article

An Analysis of NHS Trust Websites on the Occupational backgrounds of `Non-Executive-Directors' on England’s Acute Trusts
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Journal article

Patient choice for older people in English NHS primary care: theory and practice
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Journal article