Dr Emma Halliday

Senior Research Fellow

Research Interests

Research and public engagement

Emma Halliday is a social scientist and historian undertaking research and public engagement in the field of public health and health inequalities.

She is currently leading a project with funding from the NIHR School for Public Health Research, which aims to use learning from the Communities in Control study (below) to highlight the important of resident/lay experience and knowledge as part of local action to tackle health inequalities witin the public health field. The project is undertaken in collaboration with colleagues at other universities involved with SPHR (FUSE, LSHTM, Sheffield and Liverpool) and with public/practitioner advisers.

Current projects:

  • The Communities in Control Study - An evaluation of the health impact of the place based initiative - Big Local - being rolled out in 150 areas in England. Co-investigator
  • Supporting community engagement actions to reduce health inequalities: co-production of learning materials from the Communities in Control study. Lead
  • Understanding how residents and local agencies are taking action to tackle the impact of neighbourhood stigma in their communities. Funding support from the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences. Lead

Recently completed projects

Between 2010-2013, Emma worked on a research programme evaluating the health impact of one of England's largest area based initiatives - New Deal for Communities.

Historical interests

Emma has a doctorate in history, which explored the hospitalisation of mental health care in late 19th century Scotland. She actively pursues her interests in social history as part of her research and engagement activities. She recently published a research article on the role of women in 19th century philanthropy in the mental health field. She currently holds a small grant from the Economic History Society, which is using hospital and census records to track the trajectories of mental health nursing careers in three York hospitals.

As a fundraising and evaluation volunteer, she has supported two Heritage Lottery Funded projects about the slave trade and its abolition in Lancaster. These projects have sought to use participatory approaches as way of engaging the public and school students in discussions about social injustice and trade injustice.

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