Developing people, practice and performance

Our Work Based Learning approach supports individuals, teams and organisations to learn through and for work.

In our work with organisations, we work as facilitative partners rather than as consultants ‘brought in’ for short term interventions.  We work alongside partners, valuing your expertise as well as sharing ours, supporting individual and organisational learning, building capacity and creating sustainability.

You will find us genuinely collaborative, supportive and focused on outcomes. We will work with you to understand and shape your objectives, taking account of the challenges and constraints and co-design programmes to meet specific outcomes; usually a mix of learning outcomes and business outcomes. A key strength is our ability to integrate learning with practice, developing people, practice and organisational performance at the same time.

Our approach is built around practice and action, informed by theory (not the other way round!).  We provide the rigour and quality associated with a top UK University in a way which best meets the needs of our partners.  A distinctive strength is the design of bespoke programmes with University accreditation.  You are assured of relevance and the quality associated with a top University; your staff develop their practice and gain highly valued qualifications.

Partnership models vary. You might ask us to:

  • Co-design a new accredited programme to meet specific development needs

We have developed a range of programmes on innovation, change management and leadership.  Learn more.

We have developed new programmes in Applied Bioscience and Business Management.  Learn more.

  • Focus on key work initiatives and develop the knowledge and skills of staff in order to take them forward.  

We use coaching, Action Learning and Research as key vehicles to develop people’s ability to reflect on and learn from their experience, from others and from CETAD tutors.  Learning sets provide opportunities for set members to explore real workplace issues find solutions to problems and develop their personal capacity to transfer their learning from one situation to another. 

  • Facilitate organisational learning and development, working with teams to develop improved ways of working.  Learn more.

Across a local council and primary care trust facilitated a series of Action Research groups, each exploring different challenges and opportunities for achieving partnership working. This enabled key stakeholders to have a voice and influence in developing new ways of working as well as engendering collective leadership and responsibility for taking the organisation’s agenda forward.


To quote the Director of Social Services

‘initially there was a real feeling of stress and fatigue, dissatisfaction from senior managers, and a disconnection from some key values’.  This changed over time and in March 2002 the council was chosen as ‘Council of the Year’ based partly on an audit commission report which found  ‘evidence that staff can speak up and be heard and the willingness to embrace change and improve services’. ‘We have achieved real organisational and individual benefits through working in partnership with CETAD and a lot of the changes we have made have been as a result of the work we have undertaken with them’.