Dr Amanda Bingley


Research Overview

Amanda Bingley is a Lecturer in Health Research in the Division of Health Research, Faculty of Health & Medicine. She joined the Division in September 2001.

Following a BSc (Hons) in Geography at Lancaster University (1996), her ESRC funded PhD in Cultural Geography at the University of Edinburgh (2002) explored the influence of gender identity and very early infant and childhood sensory experience on subsequent adult sensory perception of landscape.

Amanda has developed research projects with a focus on the narrative experience of health, place and well being in a range of different contexts and populations.

Engaging people with dementia in designing playful and creative practices: Co-design or co-creation?
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Journal article

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Journal article

The contribution of silence to spiritual care at the end of life: a phenomenological exploration from the experience of palliative care chaplains
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Journal article

Silence as an element of care: A meta-ethnographic review of professional caregivers’ experience in clinical and pastoral settings
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Journal article

“That’s where I first saw the water…”: mobilizing children’s voices in UK flood risk management
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Journal article

Migrating art: A research design to support refugees' recovery from trauma - a pilot study
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Journal article

Ageing playfully: a story of forgetting and remembering
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Journal article

“We don't snack”: attitudes and perceptions about eating in-between meals amongst caregivers of young children
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Journal article

F01-B Hospice Professionals’ Experiences with Suicide and Hastened Death in Washington State
Gerson, S., Grinyer, A., Bingley, A., Froggatt, K. 7/12/2016
Meeting abstract

Ageing playfully: designing playful workshops for social interaction and happiness of people with dementia
Tsekleves, E., Lujan Escalante, M.L.E., Bingley, A.F. 31/10/2016

Children, young people and flooding: recovery and resilience
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Other report

Telling tales out of school: 'caring space' and organizational wellbeing
Edwards, M.J., Crump, N.J., Bingley, A.F. 1/06/2016
Conference paper

Gardens and gardening in later life
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Place and wellbeing: shedding light on activity interventions for older men
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Journal article

"It's where I first saw the water": walking and talking along a flood landscape with children and young people
Lloyd Williams, A., Bingley, A., Mort, M., Walker, M. 2015
Conference paper

Balancing acts of work in the third sector: older volunteers’ experience in woodland conservation
Bingley, A., Collins, A., Varey, S., Oaks, R. 2014
Conference paper

Evaluation of the Maun homeopathy project clinic, Botswana: final report
Bingley, A., Holland, P., Gadd, B., Mohiemang, I. 2014 Lancaster University.
Commissioned report

Maun homeopathy project clinics, Botswana: evaluating the service
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Woodland as working space: where is the restorative green idyll?
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Journal article

Working at the coalface: using action research to study ‘integrative medicine’ in the NHS
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Journal article

Touching space in hurt and healing: Exploring experiences of illness and recovery through tactile art
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Health, People and Forests
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Narrative research methods in palliative care contexts : two case studies.
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Journal article

A comparative review of palliative care development in six countries represented by the Middle East Cancer Consortium (MECC)
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Journal article

Sandplay, Clay and Sticks: Multi-Sensory Research Methods to Explore the Long-Term Mental Health Effects of Childhood Play Experience
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Journal article

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Journal article

Digging deep: Using diary techniques to explore the place of health and well-being amongst older people
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What are the views of people affected by cancer and other illnesses about end of life issues? carer perspectives.
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Working paper

What are the views of people affected by cancer and other illnesses about end of life issues? professional and patient perspectives.
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In here and out there: sensations between self and landscape
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Research ethics in practice.
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