Equality and Diversity

Festival of Culture, Saturday 20th February 2016, open to staff and students

Celebrate LGBT History month in February and more about sexual oreintation & transgender equality

Holocaust memorial day events in Lancaster, 24th to 31st January 2016

Equality & Diversity Annual Report 2014-15

Athena SWAN information

Staff diversity data

Student diversity data

Promoting the role of staff and students in public life

We encourage all staff (including disabled staff) to undertake roles in connection with the University’s Colleges, and other University wide activities and will seek to accommodate requests, subject to the demands of the service, to undertake public service roles outside the University. Similarly, we encourage all students, (including disabled students), to take part in extra-curricular activities and responsibilities associated with their college, LUSU, community based, or voluntary / paid work or contributing to the ‘Lancaster Award’

(Rob Kemp)
Review Date July 2014

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