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Staff Intranet Now Live11:46 - 06/05/2015

A brand new Staff Intranet is now live - with links to existing staff systems, information, news and events. To access the Intranet follow links on the main University website, via the icon on your (ISS Supported) desktop or under 'tools' on this page. From Monday 11 May, the Staff Intranet page will be the default IE homepage (changable) on ISS supported machines.more »

Wi-Fi maintenance - 12 May14:52 - 05/05/2015

Wi-Fi across campus may be unavailable for a period on Tuesday 12th May during maintenance. Work will start at 06:00 and should be complete by 09:00.more »

PhishingAll the time

Do you know how to spot an email phishing for your information? They can look genuine. Tell-tale signs include the email advising you of changes or issues which require you to give further information e.g. provide passwords or ask you to click on/follow a link which might ask for further information or infect your machine. Never reveal your password to anyone.more »

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