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Accessibility Statement


ISS endeavours to make the website accessible.

My Web My Way - BBC website that provides up-to-date information on changing your browser settings for Windows, Mac and Linux users.

Colour Scheme Chooser 02/08/2007

Colour schemes can help people with reading difficulties:

  Low Contrast (Light Blue)  Low Contrast - the original 'designer' look
  High Contrast (Dark Blue)  High Contrast - dark blue colour scheme
  Lancaster University (Red)  Lancaster University - home colour scheme
  Reduced Glare (Green)  Reduced Glare - green for easy reading
  Very High Contrast (Yellow)  High Contrast - for visually impaired users

To change colour scheme click on the 'a' symbols at the bottom right of the screen.

Web Browser Compatibility 09/01/2012

Web Browser Compatibility

ISS endeavours to make the ISS Website fully viewable in the most popular web browsers. The ISS website is tested with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Known Issues

9/01/2012 Google Chrome and LancasterAnswers - currently there are some issues with viewing LancasterAnswers with Google Chrome which has some impact on the Service Catalogue.

Solution - the current issues can be resolved by installing and using the 'IE Tab' extension in Google Chrome.

Note - some browsers e.g. Google Chrome, have a rapid development cycle. This means that issues with the rapid development browsers may be resolved quickly, but equally new issues may arise more frequently.

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