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About OffCampus Access 08/03/2012

Note - the 'OffCampus Access' page replaces 'OffCampus Home' and 'Home Working'. ISS recommends that you make 'OffCampus Access' your home page. This will avoid the redirects that are curretly in place and speed up page loading time.  more »

Modify Tools Feature 18/06/2012

A number of different 'tools' can now be added or removed from the list in the middle of the home page by clicking on the '+' (plus) sign next to the 'tools' heading.

If you remove a 'tool', it remains available to be re-added at a later date.

Your tool choices are remembered in a cookie on your computer, so that when you restart your computer your choice of tools will still be in place when you next access the 'home page'.

If you use more than one browser e.g. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox you will need to set your choices seperately for each browser (and on each computer) that you use. more »

Learning Labs Availability 15/05/2012

The 'Learning Labs Availability' feature diaplays how many 'seats' at computers are currently available for use in each ISS Learning Lab.

You can update the page by refreshing the web page. more »

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