Current Security Threats

Fake student loan email

2014-10-15 11:21:07

Fake emails claiming to be from Student Finance England (with the subject ‘Important loan information from SFE', and addressing you as 'Dear Student') are arriving in University email inboxes. Delete the emails and do not click on the 'Secure update page' link. Follow 'more>>' for a helpful video.  more »

Never Email Passwords

Today and Everyday

Never EVER answer email requests for your password. Do NOT respond to any request for your password, even if the requesting email appears to come from ISS, the University, your Bank, the Internal Revenue or the Queen.  more »

The Internet is Dangerous

Today & Everyday

Browsing the Internet is dangerous. Legitimate websites can be infected with code that download Trojans. Browsing can be made safer by using a Windows in 'user' privilleges rather than 'admin' privilleges.  more »

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