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We have a large range of 'free' applications available for staff and students. Click on the 'software title' e.g. 'Adobe Acrobat Pro »' for further information e.g. download instructions.

Note - Windows PC or laptop users can access some applications online without downloading or installing, using Application Jukebox (AppJ). Use the 'AppJ' filter to list AppJ applications.

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 Software TitleAppJUsersPlatformCategoryRestricted To:
All applications are 'free', except those marked (£)
ACT » (Artemis Comparison Tool)    AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Other
Adobe Acrobat Pro »Students StaffWindows Mac Utility(Uni Owned PCs)
Adobe Creative Cloud »StaffWindows Mac Graphics(Named List)
Adobe Creative Cloud » (LICA)    Students StaffWindows Mac Graphics(Named List) (Students - Mac Lab Only)
Adobe Reader »Students StaffWindows Mac Utility
AdSim »Students StaffWindows Modeling/SimulationLUMS
Amos » (SPSS family)    AppJ»Students StaffWindows Statistical
AntConc »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Other
Apple Mac OS X » (Yosemite)    Students StaffMac Productivity
ArcGIS »Students StaffWindows Graphics
Arduino »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Other
Artemis »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Other
ATLAS.ti »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Mobile Qualitative
Audacity »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Other
Autobox »Students StaffWindows OtherLUMS
Avidemux »Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Utility
BEAST »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Statistical
Bigsteps »Students StaffWindows Statistical
BOS » (Bristol Online Survey)    Students StaffWeb Survey(Named List)
BPP/EQL Learning Media »Students StaffWindows OtherLUMS
Business Optix Workpad »StaffWindows Web Modeling/Simulation(Concurrent)
Camtasia Studio »AppJ»StaffWindows Graphics(Named List)
Chimera »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Modeling/Simulation
CLAN » (CHILDES)    AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Statistical
Classic LINDO »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Modeling/Simulation
Classroom Sociometrics »Students StaffWindows SurveyFASS
CodeBlocks »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Utility
Csound »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Other
CutePDF »Students StaffWindows Productivity
Datastream »Students StaffWindows OtherLUMS
Datastream Advance »Students StaffWindows Other
dChip »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Other
Decision Explorer »AppJ»Students StaffWindows OtherLUMS
Decision Tools Industrial Suite » (Palisade )    AppJ»Students StaffWindows Other
Decision Trees » (AnswerTree)    Students StaffWindows Statistical
Dialang »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Other
DnaSP »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Other
DTM »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Modeling/Simulation
Dynare » (for MATLAB)    AppJ»Students StaffWindows Other
EaglePCB »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Other
Edgetrak »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Other
Elan »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Qualitative
Endnote »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Productivity
ERDAS IMAGINE 2010 »Students StaffWindows Graphics
EViews »AppJ»StudentsWindows Modeling/Simulation(Students - PC Lab Only)
Exceed » (Inc Exceed 3D)    Students StaffWindows Utility
EXMARaLDA »Students StaffWindows Other
Facets »AppJ»Students StaffWindows OtherFASS
FigTree »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Graphics
FileZilla »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Utility
Forecast Pro XE »Students StaffWindows OtherLUMS
FreeMind »Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Productivity
GAUSS » (Unix)    Students StaffIUS Numerical
GAUSS » (Windows)    Students StaffWindows NumericalLUMS (Named List)
Geneec »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Modeling/Simulation
GLIM »Students StaffIUS Statistical
Google Earth »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Graphics
Great-er »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Modeling/Simulation
Gromacs »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Modeling/Simulation
GSView »Students StaffWindows Graphics
gVIM »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Utility
ICECUP »Students StaffWindows Other
ICLE »Students StaffWindows OtherLUMS
ILOG CPLEX » (IBM CPLEX)    Students StaffWindows Modeling/Simulation
Intelligent Forecaster »Students StaffWindows OtherLUMS
Internet Explorer »Students StaffWindows Productivity
Italassi »Students StaffWindows Statistical
Iteman »Students StaffWindows StatisticalLUMS
JAWS »Students StaffWindows Accessibility(Named List)
jEdit »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Other
Lab Tutor »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Other
Leximancer »Students StaffWindows Mac Qualitative
LTspice IV »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Modeling/Simulation
Maple »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac IUS Numerical
Mathematica »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux NumericalLUMS
MATLAB »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac HEC Numerical(Campus Only)
MAVIS »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Other
MediaLab Research Software »Students StaffWindows OtherFASS
MEGA »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Utility
Mercury »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Other
Micro Saint Sharp »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Modeling/SimulationLUMS
Microsoft Campus Agreement »StaffWindows Productivity(Uni Owned PCs)
Microsoft Development Software » (DreamSpark)    Students StaffWindows Utility
Microsoft Development Software » (DreamSpark Premium)    Students StaffWindows Utility(Named List)
Microsoft Excel with all Plugins »Students StaffWindows Productivity
Microsoft Office »StaffWindows Mac Productivity(Uni Owned PCs) (Students - Mac Lab Only) (Students - PC Lab Only)
Microsoft Office 2010 » (Work at Home)    (£)StaffWindows Productivity
Microsoft Office 2010 » (Student Deal)    (£)StudentsWindows Productivity
Microsoft Office 2011 » (Student Deal)    (£)StudentsMac Productivity
Microsoft Office 2011 » (Work at Home)    (£)StaffMac Productivity
Microsoft Office 2011 »StaffMac Productivity(Uni Owned PCs)
Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus » (UG & PG)    StudentsWindows Productivity
Microsoft Project Professional »StaffWindows Productivity(Uni Owned PCs)
Microsoft Project Standard »StudentsWindows ProductivityLUMS
Microsoft Visio Premium »StaffWindows Graphics(Uni Owned PCs)
Microsoft Visual Studio Express »Students StaffWindows Other
Microsoft Windows »StaffWindows Utility(Uni Owned PCs)
Microsoft Windows » (Work at home)    (£)StaffWindows Utility
Microsoft Windows » (Student Deal)    (£)StudentsWindows Utility
Microsoft Windows » (Dreamspark - Premium)    Students StaffWindows Utility
MindJet » (MindManager)    AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Productivity
Modeler » (Clementine)    Students StaffWindows Statistical
MOTD »Students StaffWindows Web Utility
Mozilla Firefox »Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Productivity
MPL for Windows »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Modeling/Simulation
MPL Modelling Language »AppJ»StudentsWindows Modeling/SimulationLUMS
NAG »Students StaffWindows Mac HEC Numerical
NetLogo »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Modeling/Simulation
Nlogit (Limdep) »AppJ»StudentsWindows Modeling/Simulation(Concurrent)
Notepad-plusplus »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Utility
Novabench » (64-bit)    AppJ»Students StaffWindows Utility
NVivo »Students StaffWindows Mac Qualitative
Oxford English Dictionary »Students StaffWindows UtilityFASS
Paint.NET »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Graphics
Pandion »Students StaffWindows Other
Panopto »StaffWindows Mac Productivity(Named List)
Path-O-Gen »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Other
PC Info »Students StaffWindows Utility
Pd Extended »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Graphics
PhysEdit »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Utility
PhysWhizII »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Other
Populus »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Other
Praat »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Statistical
Processing » (programming language)    AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Graphics
Processing Modflow »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Modeling/Simulation
PsychoPy »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Other
PuTTY »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Utility
QQ »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Other
QtiPlot »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Graphics
Qualtrics »Students StaffWeb Survey
Questionmark Perception »StaffWeb Survey(Named List)
R »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux IUS HEC Statistical
Rasmol »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Graphics
Read and Write » (Read&Write)    AppJ»Students StaffWindows Accessibility(Uni Owned PCs)
RStudio Desktop » (inc R 3.1.2)    AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Statistical
Sage Accounts »AppJ»Students StaffWindows OtherLUMS (Named List)
SAP GUI »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Utility
SAS »AppJ»Students StaffWindows HEC Statistical
SAS, Web Based » (with Enterprise Miner)    Students StaffWindows OtherLUMS
SEP » (Symantec Endpoint Protection)    Students StaffWindows Mac Other Security
SimPlot »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Modeling/Simulation
Simstat »Students StaffWindows Modeling/SimulationFASS (Concurrent)
Simul8 »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Modeling/Simulation
Simventure »Students StaffWindows Modeling/Simulation
Skype »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Mobile Utility
Snap Surveys » (Students)    StudentsWindows Survey
Snap Surveys » (Staff)    StaffWindows Survey(Named List)
SOLVER add-in for Excel »Students StaffWindows OtherLUMS
Soundscriber »Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Other
SpamAssassin »Students StaffOther Security
Speech Analyzer »Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Other Statistical
SplitsTree »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Other
SPSS » (IBM SPSS Statistics)    AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Statistical
SPSS Data Entry Builder » (SPSS Data Collection Data Entry)    Students StaffWindows Statistical
Stat::Fit »Students StaffWindows Statistical
Stata »Students StaffHEC Statistical(Concurrent)
StataSE »AppJ»StudentsWindows StatisticalLUMS (Concurrent)
Supercollider »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Utility
SusProg3D »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Modeling/Simulation
Tablet » (graphical viewer)    AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Other
Texmaker »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Productivity
TeXnic Center » (uses MiKTeX)    AppJ»Students StaffWindows Scientific_WP
The Marketing Game! »Students StaffWindows Modeling/Simulation
Thomson ONE Banker »AppJ»StudentsWindows OtherLUMS
TLTP »Students StaffWindows Other
Tracer »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Other
TSP »Students StaffIUS Statistical
Vensim PLE »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Other
VLC Media Player »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Utility
VMD » (Molecular Visualization)    AppJ»Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Modeling/Simulation
VMware » (inc Workstation and Fusion)    Students StaffWindows Mac Utility
Wavesurfer »Students StaffWindows Mac Linux Other Statistical
WinEDT »StaffWindows Scientific_WP(Named List)
WinFF »Students StaffWindows Linux Utility
WinSCP »AppJ»Students StaffWindows Utility
Winsteps »AppJ»StudentsWindows StatisticalFASS
Witness »AppJ»StudentsWindows Modeling/Simulation(Concurrent)
Wordcruncher »Students StaffWindows Utility
Wordsmith »StudentsWindows UtilityFASS (Concurrent)
Wordstat »StudentsWindows StatisticalFASS (Concurrent)
WS_FTP_SE »StaffWindows Utility
There are '181' software titles displayed.
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