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We have a large range of 'free' software applications available for use by staff and students.
To locate software, filter the list using the 'category' or 'platform' filters - or use the search box. Click on the application title to see further information e.g. download instructions.

Note - Windows PC or laptop users can access some applications online without downloading or installing, using Application Jukebox (AppJ). Use the 'AppJ' filter to list AppJ applications.

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 Software Title - Free, except marked (£)AppJUsersPlatformFacultyCategory
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Adobe Acrobat ProStaff & StudentsWindows Mac All (Uni Owned PCs) Utility
Adobe Creative Cloud (University Staff - excluding LICA)    StaffWindows Mac All (Named List) Graphics
Adobe Creative Cloud (LICA)    Staff & StudentsWindows Mac (Named List) Graphics
Adobe ReaderStaff & StudentsWindows Mac All Utility
AdSimStaff & StudentsWindows LUMS Modeling/Simulation
Amos (SPSS family)    Staff & StudentsWindows All Statistical
Apple Mac OS X (10.10 - Yosemite)    Staff & StudentsMac All Productivity
ArcGISStaff & StudentsWindows All Graphics
ATLAS.ti (v7)    AppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows Mac Mobile All Qualitative
AudacityAppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows Mac Linux All Other
AutoboxStaff & StudentsWindows LUMS Other
AvidemuxStaff & StudentsWindows Mac Linux All Utility
BigstepsStaff & StudentsWindows All Statistical
BOS (Bristol Online Survey)    Staff & StudentsWeb All (Named List) Survey
BPP/EQL Learning MediaStaff & StudentsWindows LUMS Other
Business Optix Workpad (5)    StaffWindows Web (Concurrent) Modeling/Simulation
Camtasia StudioStaffWindows (Named List) Graphics
CLANStaff & StudentsWindows Mac Linux All Statistical
Classic LINDOAppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows All Modeling/Simulation
Classroom SociometricsStaff & StudentsWindows FASS Survey
CutePDF (Writer)    Staff & StudentsWindows All Productivity
DatastreamStaff & StudentsWindows LUMS Other
Datastream AdvanceStaff & StudentsWindows All Other
Decision ExplorerAppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows LUMS Other
Decision Trees (was AnswerTree)    Staff & StudentsWindows All Statistical
DialangStaff & StudentsWindows All Other
EndnoteAppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows Mac All Productivity
ERDAS IMAGINE 2010Staff & StudentsWindows All Graphics
EViews (aka E-views)    StudentsWindows All Modeling/Simulation
Exceed (& Exceed 3D)    Staff & StudentsWindows All Utility
EXMARaLDAStaff & StudentsWindows All Other
FacetsStaff & StudentsWindows FASS Other
Forecast Pro XEStaff & StudentsWindows LUMS Other
FreeMindStaff & StudentsWindows Mac Linux All Productivity
GAUSSStaff & StudentsIUS All Statistical
Geneec (V1.3 in PC Labs)    AppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows All Modeling/Simulation
GLIMStaff & StudentsIUS All Statistical
Google EarthStaff & StudentsWindows Mac Linux All Graphics
Gromacs (V.5.0.2 - Molecular Chemistry Package)    AppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows All Modeling/Simulation
GSViewStaff & StudentsWindows All Graphics
gVIMStaff & StudentsWindows All Utility
ICECUPStaff & StudentsWindows All Other
ICLEStaff & StudentsWindows LUMS Other
ILOG CPLEX (IBM CPLEX)    Staff & StudentsWindows All Modeling/Simulation
Intelligent ForecasterStaff & StudentsWindows LUMS Other
Internet ExplorerStaff & StudentsWindows All Productivity
ItalassiStaff & StudentsWindows All Statistical
ItemanStaff & StudentsWindows LUMS Statistical
JAWSStaff & StudentsWindows (Named List) Accessibility
jEditStaff & StudentsWindows All Other
LeximancerStaff & StudentsWindows Mac All Qualitative
MapleAppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows IUS All Numerical
Mathematica (LUMS)    Staff & StudentsWindows Mac Linux LUMS Numerical
MATLAB (& Toolboxes)    AppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows Mac HEC All (Campus Only) Numerical
MediaLab Research SoftwareStaff & StudentsWindows FASS Other
Micro Saint SharpAppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows LUMS Modeling/Simulation
Microsoft Campus AgreementStaffWindows All (Uni Owned PCs) Productivity
Microsoft Development Software (DreamSpark)    Staff & StudentsWindows All Utility
Microsoft Development Software (DreamSpark Premium)    Staff & StudentsWindows (Named List) Utility
Microsoft Excel with all PluginsStaff & StudentsWindows All Productivity
Microsoft Office (on Campus)    StaffWindows Mac All (Uni Owned PCs) Productivity
Microsoft Office 2010 (Work at Home)    (£)StaffWindows Productivity
Microsoft Office 2010 (Student Deal)    (£)StudentsWindows All Productivity
Microsoft Office 2011 (Student Deal)    (£)StudentsMac All Productivity
Microsoft Office 2011 (Work at Home)    (£)StaffMac Productivity
Microsoft Office 2011 (Staff On-campus)    StaffMac (Uni Owned PCs) Productivity
Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus (Free for Undergraduates)    StudentsWindows All Productivity
Microsoft Project ProfessionalStaffWindows All (Uni Owned PCs) Productivity
Microsoft Project StandardStudentsWindows LUMS Productivity
Microsoft Visio PremiumStaffWindows All (Uni Owned PCs) Graphics
Microsoft Visual Studio ExpressStaff & StudentsWindows All Other
Microsoft Windows (on Campus)    StaffWindows All Utility
Microsoft Windows (Work at home)    (£)StaffWindows All Utility
Microsoft Windows (Student Deal)    (£)StudentsWindows All Utility
Microsoft Windows (Dreamspark - SCC, ISS & Engineering)    Staff & StudentsWindows All Utility
MindJet (MindManager)    AppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows Mac All Productivity
Modeler (was 'Clementine')    Staff & StudentsWindows All Statistical
MOTD (Message of the day)    Staff & StudentsWindows Web All Utility
Mozilla FirefoxStaff & StudentsWindows Mac Linux All Productivity
MPL Modelling LanguageStudentsWindows LUMS Modeling/Simulation
NAGStaff & StudentsWindows Mac HEC All Numerical
NetLogoAppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows All Modeling/Simulation
Nlogit (Limdep)StudentsWindows (Concurrent) Modeling/Simulation
Notepad-plusplusAppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows All Utility
NVivo (including Mac)    Staff & StudentsWindows Mac All Qualitative
Oxford English DictionaryStaff & StudentsWindows FASS Utility
Paint.NETAppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows All Graphics
Palisade DecisionTools Industrial SuiteStaff & StudentsWindows Other
PandionStaff & StudentsWindows All Other
PanoptoStaffWindows Mac All (Named List) Productivity
PC InfoStaff & StudentsWindows All Utility
PhysEditAppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows All Utility
PraatStaff & StudentsWindows Mac Linux All Statistical
PuTTY (replaces Telnet)    Staff & StudentsWindows All Utility
QtiPlotStaff & StudentsWindows Mac Linux All Graphics
QualtricsStaff & StudentsWeb All Survey
Questionmark PerceptionStaffWeb (Named List) Survey
RAppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows Mac Linux IUS HEC All Statistical
Read and Write (Read&Write from TextHELP)    AppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows (Campus Only) (Uni Owned PCs) Accessibility
Sage AccountsAppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows LUMS (Named List) Other
SASStaff & StudentsWindows HEC All Statistical
SAS, Web Based (with Enterprise Miner)    Staff & StudentsWindows LUMS Other
SEP (Symantec Endpoint Protection)    Staff & StudentsWindows Mac Other All Security
SimstatStaff & StudentsWindows FASS (Concurrent) Modeling/Simulation
Simul8AppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows All Modeling/Simulation
SimventureStaff & StudentsWindows All Modeling/Simulation
Snap Surveys (Students)    StudentsWindows All Survey
Snap Surveys (Staff)    StaffWindows All (Named List) Survey
SOLVER add-in for ExcelStaff & StudentsWindows LUMS Other
SoundscriberStaff & StudentsWindows Mac Linux All Other
SpamAssassinStaff & StudentsOther All Security
Speech AnalyzerStaff & StudentsWindows Mac Linux Other All Statistical
SPSS (IBM SPSS Statistics)    AppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows Mac All Statistical
SPSS Data Entry Builder (now SPSS Data Collection Data Entry)    Staff & StudentsWindows All Statistical
Stat::FitStaff & StudentsWindows All Statistical
StataStaff & StudentsHEC (Concurrent) Statistical
StataSEAppJ»StudentsWindows LUMS (Concurrent) Statistical
TeXnic Center (uses MiKTeX)    AppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows All Scientific_WP
The Marketing Game!Staff & StudentsWindows All Modeling/Simulation
Thomson ONE BankerStudentsWindows LUMS Other
TLTPStaff & StudentsWindows All Other
TSPStaff & StudentsIUS All Statistical
Vensim PLEAppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows All Other
VLC Media PlayerAppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows Mac Linux All Utility
VMD (V.1.9.2 – Molecular Visualization Chemistry program)    AppJ»Staff & StudentsWindows All Modeling/Simulation
VMware (includes Workstation and Fusion)    Staff & StudentsWindows Mac All Utility
WavesurferStaff & StudentsWindows Mac Linux Other All Statistical
WinEDTStaffWindows All (Named List) Scientific_WP
WinFFStaff & StudentsWindows Linux All Utility
WinSCPStaff & StudentsWindows All Utility
WinstepsStudentsWindows FASS Statistical
WitnessStudentsWindows All (Concurrent) Modeling/Simulation
WordcruncherStaff & StudentsWindows All Utility
WordsmithStudentsWindows FASS (Concurrent) Utility
WordstatStudentsWindows FASS (Concurrent) Statistical
WS_FTP_SEStaff & StudentsWindows All Utility
There are '136' software titles displayed.
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