Dr Cornelia Gräbner is a Lecturer in Spanish in the Department of Languages and Cultures at Lancaster University.
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  • Honduran muralist Javier Espinal, in a masthead image to accompany a blog post by DELC's Cornelia Grabner

    Resistances and Alternatives to Violence: The Muralism of Javier Espinal

    The little we hear about the Central American country of Honduras usually focuses on brutal, ubiquitous, vaguely inexplicable acts of violence, and about the impunity of the perpetrators. Rarely do we get to engage with those who resist and with those who build alternatives, or with their imaginaries and cosmovisions. Honduran painter and muralist Javier Espinal created possibilities for such an encounter during a visit to the U.K. in the first months of 2015. He gave talks at several universities and painted murals with communities in Toxteth, Liverpool, and lrlam, Salford.