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    Brexit and Climate Change Policy

    Prof. David Campbell writes about the potential consequences of Brexit for the UK's Climate Change Policy. This blog post has previously appeared in The Reporter, the newsletter of the Society of Legal Scholars.

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    How do pharmacists balance professional expectations and personal values? Conscientious objection in health care practice

    Dr Sara Fovargue shares details of her research project; 'Pharmacists' perceptions of ethical conflict and professional guidance in light of the revised General Pharmaceutical Council Standards of Conduct, Ethics and Performance.' The pilot study, a collaboration with Dr Mary Neal (University of Strathclyde) is being funded by a BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grant.

  • Vivisecting veganism: the double-edged sword of dairy's exclusive ownership of words

    Dr Jeanette Rowley comments on the European Court of Justice decision in Verband Sozialer Wettbewerb eV v TofuTown.Com GmbH.

  • Musine Kokalari: An Albanian Story

    It is a timely moment, in the Albanian writer and political dissident Musine Kokalari’s centenary year, to reflect on the contribution that this remarkable individual has made to Albania’s cultural and political life.

  • Rt Hon Sir Ernest Ryder graduation speech

    The Rt Hon Sir Ernest Ryder, Senior President of the Tribunals, was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Laws (honoris causa) during the graduation ceremony on Tuesday 18th July. This is the speech he made to the graduands.

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    How should we deal with child sex dolls and robots?

    Dr Bela Chatterjee writes about her current research on a developing legal issue.

  • Combats, the A-Team and a note on sexuality

    Dr Bela Chatterjee reflects on the welcoming culture for students that we pride ourselves on in the Law School.

  • Conducting Comparative Law Research

    Lancaster Law School has recently joined the British Association of Comparative Law (BACL) and will host the BACL Postgraduate Workshop in 2019. Here, Lancaster’s BACL representative, Dr Mary Guy, writes about her experience of conducting comparative law research for her PhD.

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    Brexit and English Choice of Court Agreements: A Survey of the Post-Referendum Legal Landscape

    This blog post has benefited from the feedback received following the author’s presentation at the "Changes and Challenges in Cross-Border Litigation - A Post-Referendum View from the UK" conference on 7 October 2016 at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London. A research paper on the topic under consideration will also appear in the forthcoming Special Brexit issue of the European Business Law Review.

  • Worker Status and Uber: understanding when a worker is a worker

    There has been a significant rise in recent years in the use of “on demand” services (often referred to as the “gig economy”), fuelled in part by the development in technology making such services widely available and easy to use, and the desire for flexible services to be arranged around busy lifestyles. The most recognisable provider in this sector is Uber.