Learn about life and studying at Lancaster University though the eyes of our students
  • My Experience as a Learning Together Student

    This year the Law School launched a new module called ‘Learning Together’ for Criminology students. The module entails students making weekly visits to Lancaster Farms Prison to ‘learn together’ with the prisoners, or learners, at Lancaster Farms.

  • New York Skyline

    A trip to the USA with the Law School

    The USA Global Experiences trip was a fantastic opportunity to network with some of the most successful people working in Law, and to gain insights into how the profession works in a different jurisdiction.

  • Boston city hall

    Visiting the USA: Global Experiences Trip

    The opportunity to go and visit the USA was simply amazing. Throughout the trip we got to meet legal professionals working in federal, civil, and corporate law. Our trip was split into visiting two incredible cities; Boston and New York.

  • US Supreme Court Outside

    USA Global Experiences trip

    Three thousand one hundred and thirteen miles across the North Atlantic Ocean; 14 law students; one Global Experience.

  • Mooting in the Supreme Court

    On Monday 12th March 2018, I was one of four Lancaster law students who had the honour of mooting in the Supreme Court before Lord Briggs.

  • Volunteering with the Independent Monitoring Board at Lancaster Prison

    During my first year as a student, I received an email from the Criminology Office advertising a vacancy with the Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) at Lancaster Prison. I did some research and discovered that members of the IMB are appointed by the Minister of Justice to carry out routine visits in every prison in the UK to monitor conduct and ensure the fair treatment of prisoners. As a Criminology student, with a specific interest in prisons and prison policy, I immediately applied.

  • Women Breaking Barriers Network

    The Women Breaking Barriers Network (WBBN) intends to platform inspirational women in areas such as Law and Business to motivate young women and help them to identify the barriers they may face and how to overcome them. It also aims to create a network between these women so that in the future, we do “not peddle alone”, instead finding ways to support each other to succeed. As Lancaster Law School’s Student Ambassadors for WBBN, we were invited to the launch of the network at Leeds University Law School and share our experience of this incredibly inspiring day.

  • terraced houses

    Barely Legal Blog Series: Equality in Cohabitation

    Around two-thirds of cohabiting couples wrongly believe they have rights as common law husband and wife. This is the myth known as “common-law marriage”. Married couples get a lot of luxuries; being happy, sharing a home, having children and rights. Cohabitees also have the luxuries of being happy, sharing a home, having children and yet somehow have limited rights upon breakdown of their relationship.

  • books, vortex

    New blog series: Barely Legal

    This is Barely Legal, a new blog series established by a group of Law students from the School to discuss contemporary legal issues. Through these blogs we hope to share our passion for law, as well as raise social awareness of various different (and often complex) areas of law. In this first blog post we introduce the members of our team.

  • UG Dissertations 2017: Regulating Autonomous Vehicles in the UK

    Geofrey Banzi graduated with an upper second class LLB Law degree in July 2017. He is currently working as a Motor Insurance Paralegal for DWF and aspires to specialise as a solicitor operating in the technology and transport industry upon the completion of his LPC. His dissertation was supervised by Dr Catherine Easton.