Dr Amin Al-Astewani

Lecturer in Law


Dr Al-Astewani focuses on the role played by religious tribunals in Western legal systems. Over the past few years, he has led cutting-edge research on a novel type of religious tribunal in the UK, namely Islamic Shariah tribunals. After conducting fieldwork research at four of the most prominent of these tribunals, Dr Al-Astewani submitted written evidence to Parliament on the legal status of their decisions and practices, as part of the government’s first public review of Shariah councils in the UK. His evidence was subsequently cited by over twenty media outlets, including internationally. As part of his engagement with communal organisations and bodies, Dr Al-Astewani has also advised the UK Board of Shariah Councils on the legal status of Islamic Tribunals. He continues to offer his expertise and advice to both policy-makers and Shariah councils on the legal status and role of Islamic tribunals in the modern English legal system.

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