Professor Suzanne Ost


Research Overview

My main research interests are the legal and societal responses to child pornography, the sexual grooming of children and child sexual exploitation more broadly, health care/medical law and bioethics (particularly breaches of the sexual boundaries between doctors and patients and the impact of criminal law on bioethics and health care practice) and law and literature. I am currently exploring the concept of exploitation philosophically, ethically and legally, for a co-authored book on exploitation in the doctor-patient relationship.

Selected Publications Show all 40 publications

Medicine and Bioethics in the Theatre of the Criminal Process
Brazier, M., Ost, S. 05/2013 Cambridge : Cambridge University Press. 310 p. ISBN: 9781107018259.

The criminal law and bioethical conflict: walking the tightrope
Alghrani, A., Bennett, R., Ost, S. 1/11/2012 Cambridge : Cambridge University Press. 305 p. ISBN: 978-1107025127 .