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Forecasting Centre's Devon Kennard Barrow featured in the latest ORACLE newsletter 19/12/12

Forecasting Centre's Devon Kennard Barrow featured in the latest ORACLE newsletter

PhD student Devon Kennard Barrow of the Lancaster Centre for Forecasting was featured in the latest THE ORACLE newsletter, December 2012, Vol. 14, No. 2 (ISSN 1814-1455 for Print & ISSN 1814-1463 for Online) of the International Institute of Forecasters. Below please find an excerpt of his interview:

Forecasting and Jeremy Paxman 12/12/12

Forecasting and Jeremy Paxman

Professor Robert Fildes comments on Jeremy Paxman's recent interview.


LCF further expands and strengthens its activities

The Lancaster Centre for Forecasting is continuously expanding and strengthening its activities in both research and practice. Towards this direction, two Postdoctoral Researchers have recently joined the Centre, engaging in joint research, working with academic colleagues and students whilst developing their research agenda.


Research visit to Lancaster by Professor Spyros Makridakis

The Lancaster Centre for Forecasting regularly hosts academic visitors. As a part of this, Emeritus Professor of Decision Sciences Spyros Makridakis from INSEAD Business School visited our Department on Wednesday 21 November 2012.


New survey insights into how companies forecast in supply chain management

Although forecasting is regarded as a prerequisite to coordinating all supply chain activities of manufacturers, surprisingly little is known on how companies actually do forecast in practice.


New research insights on how to best Forecast for Promotions

Promotional modelling remains the bane of many forecasters lives. Despite the many proposals from consultants and marketing academics most companies still rely on the expert judgments made by their forecasters. Our team recently finished an extensive research project in the area of promotional forecasting.