25 August 2017
Since completing her Mechanical Engineering degree at Lancaster University this Summer, Sophie Flint has been working in Ghana as part of the Global Challenge Research Fund.

Sophie Flint graduated in July, and has been in Ghana since the beginning of August. Sophie is working with Ghanian Government on the GAMA Sanitation and Water Project. 

Ghana is facing the issue of a lack of sanitation infrastructure. The rapid urbanisation of Ghana over the past three decades means that city authorities have been unable to provide basic water and sanitation services. In Kumasi, Ghana’s largest metropolitan region, 40% of the population reply on public toilets, but there is only 1 toilet per 1000 people.

The GAMA Sanitation and Water Project aims to construct 1,000 household toilets in low-income communities. The Ghanian Institute of Industrial Research (CSIR-IIR) has developed a toilet design which uses bamboo as the main component of the superstructure. Bamboo is a material which grows naturally and in abundance in Ghana, the use of bamboo reduces the cost of the CSIR-IIR toilet.

You can follow Sophie's progress at her blog - flintinghana.blogspot.co.uk