17 May 2017
This month has seen some balmy days as well as some heavy rain - the Pentland Centre garden flourishes whatever the weather!

Image of Dr Dmitry Yumashev planting potatoes

April showers seem to have arrived late this year making this week a bit of a washout, but a couple of weeks ago the sun was shining and we were out in the garden.

We have blue tits nesting in our bird box, the marigolds are bringing their cheery glow to the pots, and Dmitry's Christmas tree (see sidebar - it was planted out in February) has survived and has new growth.‌

In our 'Potato Challenge' Gail got her spuds into the bags of soil early, with Dmitry coming a close second.  

‌With a summer of building work about to start in the Management School, the Pentland Centre garden continues to be an oasis of calm...