Dr Basil Germond FHEA FRGS

Senior Lecturer


MA, MRes, PhD (University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute of International Studies), PGCAP (Lancaster), FHEA, FRGS

Bridging the Gap between Climate Change and Maritime Security: Towards a Comprehensive Framework for Planning
Mazaris, A., Germond, B.Y. 1/09/2018 In: Science of the Total Environment. 635C, p. 1076-1080. 5 p.
Journal article

Climate Change and Maritime Security Narrative: The Case of the International Maritime Organization
Germond, B.Y., HA, F.W. 2/08/2018 In: Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences. 12 p.
Journal article

Clear Skies or Troubled Waters: the Future of European Ocean Governance
Germond, B.Y. 1/04/2018 In: European View. 17, 1, p. 89-96. 8 p.
Journal article

Critical Geographies of the Ocean: Mobilities, Placefulness and Maritime Relationalism
Germond, B.Y., Germond-Duret, C. 5/12/2017 In: Maritime Mobilities. Routledge p. 25-41. 17 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Ocean governance and maritime security in a placeful environment: the case of the European Union
Germond, B., Germond-Duret, C. 04/2016 In: Marine Policy. 66, p. 124-131. 8 p.
Journal article

The EU’s comprehensive approach as the dominant discourse: a corpus-linguistics analysis of the EU’s counter-piracy narrative
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Journal article

The maritime dimension of European security: seapower and the European Union
Germond, B. 06/2015 London : Palgrave Macmillan. 232 p. ISBN: 9781137017802.

The geopolitical dimension of maritime security
Germond, B. 04/2015 In: Marine Policy. 54, p. 137-142. 6 p.
Journal article

The future of maritime cyber security
Fitton, O., Prince, D., Germond, B., Lacy, M. 23/01/2015 Lancaster : Lancaster University. 36 p.
Other report

Cyber operations in the maritime environment
Fitton, O., Germond, B., Lacy, M., Prince, D. 08/2014
Working paper

The European Union: cruising the seven seas?
Germond, B. 9/07/2014
Other contribution

Small navies in perspective: deconstructing the hierarchy of naval forces
Germond, B. 1/05/2014 In: Small navies. Ashgate p. 33-50. 18 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

The European Union at the Horn of Africa: the contribution of critical geopolitics to piracy studies
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Journal article

The EU's security and the sea: defining a maritime security strategy
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Journal article

Climate change and security: the European Union’s discourse and climate geopolitics
Germond, B. 07/2011 In: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Revisiting the Socio-Political and Technological Dimensions of Climate Change. Preston : UCLan p. 45-57. 13 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

From frontier to boundary and back again : the European Union's maritime margins.
Germond, B. 02/2010 In: European Foreign Affairs Review. 15, 1, p. 39-55. 17 p.
Journal article

Maritime Security Cooperation in the Mediterranean: Towards a Comprehensive Approach
Germond, B. 2010 In: VIII Seminario Internacional sobre Seguridad y Defensa en el Mediterráneo. Barcelona Center for International Studies, Dirección General de Relaciones Institucionales (Ministerio de Defensa de España) p. 65-73.

Maritime security in the Mediterranean : European and transatlantic approaches.
Germond, B., Grove, E. 2010 Washington ; Roma : The German Marshall Fund of the United States ; The Istituto Affari Internazionali
Working paper

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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Re-thinking European security interests and the ESDP : explaining the EU's anti-piracy operation.
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Journal article

L'Union européenne et ses marches maritimes: vers une déterritorialisation de la sécurité
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Multinational military cooperation and its challenges : the case of European naval operations in the wider Mediterranean area.
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Journal article

Construire l'Europe
Germond, B., Liebich, A. 2008 Presses Universitaires de France. 301 p. ISBN: 978-2-13-056992-3.

Les forces navales européennes dans la période post-guerre froide
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La puissance navale turque: quels atouts pour l'Union européenne?
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The Naval and Maritime Dimension of the European Union
Germond, B. 2007 In: The EC/EU: a world security actor?. Paris : Soleb p. 346-361.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Similarites dans la rhetorique, les effets et la pratique des interventions de developpement et des interventions militaires humanitaires. [Similarities in the rhetoric, practice and effects of development interventions and military humanitarian interventions]
Germond-Duret, C., Germond, B. 04/2006 In: Revue Juridique et Politique des Etats Francophones. 60, 2, p. 301-331. 31 p.
Journal article

L'action des forces navales europeennes pour la prevention et la gestion des crises et des conflits en periode post-guerre froide. [The European naval forces and conflicts/crises management in the post-cold war era]
Germond, B. 2006 In: Prevention, gestion et sortie des conflits [Prevention, management and resolution of conflicts]. Geneva : Euryopa p. 75-99. 25 p.

Les forces navales europeennes face aux nouvelles menaces en mer. [The European naval forces and the new threats at sea]
Germond, B. 2006 In: Relations internationales. 125, p. 45-58. 14 p.
Journal article

De l'Atlantique a la Mediterranee : vers une reorientation de la geostrategie navale dans l'espace euro-atlantique depuis 1989. [From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean : towards a reorientation of naval geostrategy within the Euro-Atlantic space since 1989]
Germond, B. 12/2005 In: Les Cahiers de la Mediterranee. 71, 2, p. 227-244. 18 p.
Journal article

Les missions des marines militaires europeennes depuis 1989. [The missions of the European navies since 1989]
Germond, B. 2005 In: Relations internationales. 122, p. 105-116. 12 p.
Journal article