Professor Linda Woodhead



I am a specialist on contemporary religion, values and society.

I use a wide range of methods, ranging from population surveys to ethnographic engagement.

I'm best known for my work on:

  • Religions, beliefs and values in the UK
  • Contemporary Christianity worldwide
  • The rise of alternative spiritualities and ‘no religion’
  • Religious extremism and the regulation of religion
  • Religion, gender and power
  • The future of religion and values

Selected Publications Show all 63 publications

Religion and change in modern Britain
Woodhead, L., Catto, R. 2012 London : Routledge. 408 p. ISBN: 9780415575812. Electronic ISBN: 9780203130643 .

A Sociology of Religious Emotion
Riis, O., Woodhead, L. 2010 Oxford : Oxford University Press. 270 p. ISBN: 9780199567607.

Religions in the Modern World (revised 2nd edition): Traditions and Transformations
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The Spiritual Revolution: Why Religion is Giving Way to Spirituality.
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An Introduction to Christianity.
Woodhead, L. 2004 In: An Introduction to Christianity. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 439 p. ISBN: 052145445X.

A very short introduction to christianity.
Woodhead, L. 2004 Oxford : Oxford University Press. 174 p. ISBN: 0192803220.

Five concepts of religion
Woodhead, L. 2011 In: International Review of Sociology . 21, 1, p. 121-143.
Journal article

Gender Differences in Religious Practice and Significance.
Woodhead, L. 2007 In: The Sage Handbook of the Sociology of Religion. Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, Singapore : Sage p. 550-570. 21 p.

Gendering secularization theory.
Woodhead, L. 06/2008 In: Social Compass. 55, 2, p. 187-193. 7 p.
Journal article