Saloni Kapur

PhD student

Thesis Outline

My thesis looks at terrorist rehabilitation in Pakistan as a "soft" strategy for addressing militancy in the country. It is my hope through this thesis to contribute to peace in Pakistan, South Asia and the world.

Emotions and the English school: a new research agenda
Kapur, S. 21/02/2015
Conference paper

Pakistan: a new history
Kapur, S. 12/2014 In: Contemporary South Asia. 22, 4, 2 p.
Book/Film/Article review

The philosophical underpinnings of an English School analysis of terrorist deradicalisation programmes
Kapur, S. 2014 In: Lancaster Journal of Philosophy. 2, 1, p. 37-45. 9 p.
Journal article

Violence, theory and the subject of international politics: a Derridian analysis of the partition of India
Kapur, S. 2012 In: Peace Prints: South Asian Journal of Peacebuilding. 4, 2, 15 p.
Journal article