Dr Sam Clark


Research Interests

I work on human well-being and the self, and on various kinds of literary text - utopias, dialogues, autobiographies - which investigate these issues. I am particularly interested in the shape of good lives in time, and in the lives and well-being of soldiers and other ascetics. Within these broad concerns, I have written on anarchist utopianism, on John Stuart Mill, on the roles of pleasure in good lives, on friendship and comradeship in the lives of soldiers, on David Hume, and on the ethics of work. I have published a book, Living Without Domination, and articles in journals including Res Publica, Philosophy, Inquiry, Ratio, Hume Studies, and the Journal of Applied Philosophy. I am currently writing a book about autobiography and well-being under the working title Good Lives.

Good work
Clark, S. 10/06/2015 In: Journal of Applied Philosophy. 13 p.
Journal article

Mill's Autobiography as literature
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Hume's uses of dialogue
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Pleasure as self-discovery
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Journal article

Love, poetry, & the good life: Mill's autobiography & perfectionist ethics
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Journal article

Kicking against the pricks : anarchist perfectionism and the conditions of independence.
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No abiding city : Hume, naturalism, & toleration.
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Journal article

Anarchism and the myth of the primitive.
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Society Against Societies: the possibility of transcultural criticism.
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Living Without Domination: the possibility of an anarchist utopia.
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