Dr Sam Clark


Research Interests

I work on the nature, conditions, and ethical significance of human well-being (aka welfare, prudential value, the good life), and on various kinds of literary text - utopias, dialogues, autobiographies - which investigate these issues. I am particularly interested in the shape of good lives in time, and in the lives and well-being of soldiers and other ascetics. Within these broad concerns, I have written on anarchist utopianism, on John Stuart Mill, on the roles of pleasure in good lives, on friendship and comradeship in the lives of soldiers, and on David Hume. I have published a book, Living Without Domination, and articles in journals including Res Publica, Philosophy, Inquiry, Ratio, and Hume Studies. I am currently writing a book about autobiography and well-being under the working title Good Lives.

Good work
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Journal article

Mill's Autobiography as literature
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Hume's uses of dialogue
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Journal article

Pleasure as self-discovery
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Journal article

Love, poetry, & the good life: Mill's autobiography & perfectionist ethics
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Journal article

Kicking against the pricks : anarchist perfectionism and the conditions of independence.
Clark, S. 10/2010 In: Anarchism and Moral Philosophy. Palgrave Macmillan 256 p. ISBN: 978-0230580664.

No abiding city : Hume, naturalism, & toleration.
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Journal article

Anarchism and the myth of the primitive.
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Journal article

Society Against Societies: the possibility of transcultural criticism.
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Journal article

Living Without Domination: the possibility of an anarchist utopia.
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