Dr Simon Mabon


Research Overview

My research interests fall within the International Relations of the Middle East and are driven by the interaction of three themes: Religion and Legitimacy; Contested Sovereignty; and Political Violence. I am especially interested in the following areas:

  • Sovereignty in the Middle East
  • Sectarianism
  • Political Islam(s)
  • The post Arab Uprisings Middle East
  • Gulf politics
  • Gulf security
  • State-society relations

My current research explores the interaction of these themes. My next monograph will explore the fragmentation of state-society relations in the post Arab Uprisings Middle East.

Locating terrorism studies
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Saudi Arabia, Iran and geopolitical change in the Middle East
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The Middle Eastern 'great game'
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Aiding revolution?: Wikileaks, communication and the 'Arab Spring' in Egypt
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A 'new hope' as the 'empire strikes back': British soft power in 2013
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The battle for Bahrain: Iranian-Saudi rivalry
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