Design, Photography & Print

Design, Photography & Print are the official University photographers and we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on attaining your Degree.

Reprints for December 2017

You can order your graduation reprints here. For December 2017 graduates only.


Our Sales and Studio area is conveniently located in the LICA building, just a short walk from the Great Hall.

Ordering Information

All our products may be ordered on the day at our sales point in the LICA building. We recommend you take a look at our Display Stand and discuss the options with our sales staff before making your final decision.

Once you have made your order at our sales point in the LICA building please make your way to the appropriate Graduate/Family studio.

Ceremony pictures will be available to view and order online at from approximately 7 days from your ceremony.

During Your Ceremony

Our photographer will be present in the Great Hall to photograph and capture the moment each graduate receives their award.

Graduates and their families will be able to preview and order the photographs at our stand in the Conference Centre shortly after the ceremony.

Portrait Photography

If only the Graduate or a couple is being photographed then the picture will be taken in a Graduate Studio. If a family pack has been ordered then please proceed to one of our Family studios.

Our photographers use digital cameras linked to laptop computers so that you may preview your images and choose your favorite pictures before you leave the Studio.

Your printed pack will arrive within 30 working days along with instructions on how to order reprints. These are available via the web or by post. A variety of framed options are available including one for your certificate. These may be viewed at our Sales Display in LICA.

Our Studios

We have seven Studios located in the LICA Building, where we offer traditional Graduation Portraiture.

We offer a variety of options for Graduates, Families and Couples as well as Framed options. Frames are collected on the day and photographic packs are posted within 30 working days of your Ceremony.

Graduation Photography

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Portraiture