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Impact Report 2008-12

This is the first of what we intend to be a series of annual reports on the impact that work undertaken within the Faculty of Health and Medicine at Lancaster University has had on the wider community.

Universities exist to conduct high-quality research that advances knowledge. We expect that such research will be subject to peer review and then published – as research papers, books, and conference proceedings. But we hope that a good proportion of this work will also have wider audiences and ‘make a difference’, whether locally, regionally, nationally or internationally. We hope our work will be useful in improving health and well-being.

Universities also exist to teach students, whether they be undergraduate or postgraduate, young adults or older learners, those about to begin employment or those looking for professional development. Here, too, we want to make a difference.

As this is the first report in this series, we use it as an opportunity to focus on a selection of work undertaken since the Faculty was formed in 2008. I am grateful to colleagues who have submitted case studies. Some of these relate to our research, others to our work on continuing professional development and others still to our engagement with schools.


Faculty of Health and Medicine Impact Report 2008-12

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